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Why those who are forcing Mthwakazi to join in the pseudo Revolution are wrong

31 Aug 2016 at 08:15hrs | Views

People from Matabeleland having suffered at the hands of Mugabe and Zanu PF one would expect them to be at the forefront of any attempts to remove Mugabe. That is is the simplistic way of thinking without taking into account the relavant political issues at play right now and inthe future.

In Zimbabwe it is only Mthwakazi who has suffered cultural genocide, oppression, discrimination, mutilation of languages, and don't forget the gukurahundi genocide.

In the pseudo revolution of #ThisFlag and #tamajamuka the Mthwakazi issues or causes are peripheral or a taboo. This is expected knowing the Zimbabwean people. They are content with the current political, educational, economical and social order, all they want is the change of leadership, nothing more nothing less.

Mthwakazi should never be blinded by these fake and bogus revolutions, even if they were genuine this is not the right time to get involved. Remember that these people are united by an ideology which in essence is anti-Mthwakazi. They have scattering us for the past 36 years and they have been consolidating for the past 36 years. Only a fool would like to go into such an alliance blindly. This is the time for Mthwakazi to swiftly organise and make a way forward as a unit. Once Mthwakazi joins these folly revolutions unprepared then they will have no one to blame but themselves. Timing is everything here, we are reading the political developments and our conclusion is that this is not the right time to join them.

Mthwakazi never be blackmailed by the people who seek to emotionalise your predicament and provoke a sense of guilty which does not exist, your continued non-involvement is rational and commendable.

Thulani Nkala <

Source - Thulani Nkala
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