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Now this is sickening and disgusting - 'No to Tribalism in football'

13 Sep 2016 at 13:17hrs | Views
I tried hard to ignore this but something tells me we can't ignore this.

This is part of what was happening on Sunday at Emagumeni Barboufields Stadium during a League match between Highlanders and Dynamos.

Surely there is no place for this not just in football, but in any other fraternity. How on earth did bystanders and officials in any capacity leave this happen..letting thugs, fanatics or mad men get away with this? Waving a placard depicting Bosso's symbol and displaying such an embarrassing message?

Listen, I'm not blaming Highlanders as a club directly for this, but professionally a club is responsible for the conduct of its supporters, especially at home matches!

Even at FIFA level, it is known. Racism, in this case, tribalism, is poison. Mark my words the behaviour by these people can easily trigger a catastrophe and a problem with the potential to cause huge problems not only in football matches but the whole country.

I want to see Highlanders act on this. I respect Bosso , no doubt they are an epitomy of Zimbabwean football alongside the likes of Dynamos, Caps United etc. No doubt this kind of behaviour is not institutionalised.

I know Highlanders are perhaps one of the most multi racial or multi-tribal club in terms of players, personnel and fans. Off the cuff I can give you more that 20 Shona origin players who have played for Bosso, Nhamo Shambira, Stewart Murisa, Joseph Tembo, Sydney Zimunya, Dezidelio Kapenya, Itai Kapini, Austin Juwayeyi, Cyprian Kanyemba, Masimba Mambare, Eddie Nyika and many more.

How do you think these players would feel to see this placard? Can you imagine at Rufaro if Dynamos fans were to reciprocate this evil gesture at the return match? Zwanini, lokhu kuyacaphula and kuyayangisa and yibuthutha! This is unacceptable especially at a time when the nation is trying to unify people and tackle the challenges we are facing as a country. Highlanders should act on this as a matter of urgency.  They can not ignore this and they can not afford to under mine the potential consequences of such behaviour. I don't like this. Its an insult to some of our blood relatives. Thina abanye igazi lethu lihlangene njalo liyahlanganisa. Please identify and locate this mob on this picture and read the riot act to them. Phansi lenkethabatshabi! God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!

I will also add to say promoting tribalism or racism by a club is as good as promoting match fixing in the PSL. Highlanders is now being portrayed as a militant football club, with war ready warriors. This can be supported by their reaction to the Chicken Inn equaliser some weeks back which a Bosso supporter was said to have put the referee in a headlock and one Riot police seriously injured. It is a club emanating from the Zulu empire which the Ndebeles are descendants of the clan. Over the years violence had erupted especially when playing any other team from Mashonaland, notably last year a Caps Utd supporter was killed in BF and Dynamos supporters had to have running battles with Bosso supporters last year leaving several people injured. I personally condemn tribalism, racism and violence in football. This goes with placards being carried by supporters and the message being portrayed. What message are we sending to children who are watching these matches? Highlanders supporters will not win the league using these tactics but with their team playing like Champions which i believe they did last Sunday against Dynamos without mentioning the performances against Mutare City and other teams.

Lord Morris Kakunguwo, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Zimbabwe Football Development Academy-Centre of Football Excellence 2014,Zimbabwe Football Philosopher, iTouch Guru, FA Coach and Mentor. Feel free to email me on

Source - Ramsley Knight
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