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Intention to sue leaders of violent protests commendable

15 Sep 2016 at 13:28hrs | Views
A local civic organization, Citizens Against Violence and Anarchy (CAVAA) Trust, intends to fund lawsuits against leaders of recent violent demonstrations witnessed in Zimbabwe that resulted in rampant looting of shops, injury to many people and destruction of innocent people's properties. Leaders of opposition political parties, under the banner of National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) and their appendages, in the form of Tajamuka/Sisisjikile and #ThisFlag, who are organizing mayhem in the country, should face the music in the country's courts. These failed politicians, especially leaders of the Movement of Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) and Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), showed that they do not care about the welfare of fellow Zimbabweans when they unleashed their hoodlums to loot shops and vending stalls, burn properties and beat up innocent people. Vendors and retailers lost wares worth hundreds of thousands of dollars during the diabolic madness organized by the irresponsible NERA leaders.

Hope for compensation for loss of business by hardworking Zimbabweans, at the hands of NERA thugs, is now on the horizon due to CAVAA Trust's noble initiative. "We want to assist all corporates, flea markets and individuals whose properties and/or businesses, which were destroyed or affected during the violent demonstrations in Harare, which were called for by the National Electoral Reform Agenda. We are going to launch a class action soon against organizations and individuals operating under the banner of NERA", said CAVAA Trust.

CAVAA Trust has indicated that victims of the violent demonstrations will be represented in court free of charge by lawyers whose costs will be met by the trust. Several lawyers are also willing to represent the victims in court for no charge.

This is a welcome development which all the people who lost business of the day or got injured during the NERA mayhem, should take advantage of and quickly present their cases for redress to CAVAA Trust. NERA leaders should be made to understand, the hard way, that violence does not pay after they are made to pay compensation to the victims of their thuggery through the nose. Zimbabweans should not allow a click of power hungry failed politicians to ruin their lives. Instead of waiting for the next election and contest their way to power, they are now resorting to unconstitutional means to get into power through the back door. They are aware that they have nothing to offer the electorate; hence, they have no chance of being voted into power. They are hypocrites who blame the government for allegedly failing to create employment whilst they are destroying people's means of livelihood at the same time.

Obviously, NERA's Western sponsors will chip in and financially bail out the NERA leaders and urge them to continue organizing anarchy in the country. These Western vampires and architects of the regime change agenda are sponsoring anti-Zimbabwe government violent demonstrations, both in the country and abroad. They will stop at nothing until their puppets are in power to facilitate their dirty game of looting Zimbabwe's resources. However, with the pending lawsuits for compensation for victims of the senseless violence, the message would have been sent clearly that Zimbabwe's justice delivery system takes care of the country's innocent and hard working citizens.  

Chadzimura Mhute <

Source - Chadzimura Mhute
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