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Biti's downfall

11 Oct 2016 at 12:57hrs | Views
The People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Tendai Biti, seems to be misled and misinformed about the political landscape in the country. His allegations are intended to justify the regime change agenda agents' call for the so-called Security Sector Reforms and criticizing the indigenisation policy.

The political malcontent has no agenda in his political discourse. Recently the PDP suffered a humiliating setback when the entire Matabeleland North provincial executive crossed the floor to join former Vice President Joice Mujuru's party, Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF).  

Biti is alleging that ZANU PF will not reform itself out of power. Zimbabweans should never be satisfied with mortgaging their struggle to political parties of dubious credentials. "It is up to the youths, churches, women, civic society and all of us to force ZANU PF to make the necessary conditions to allow Zimbabwe a free and fair election." These words are coming from a political upstart whose career only began with other buffoons like you-know-who as they urinated inside fridges and pantries at the University of Zimbabwe. It escapes him that the country has been holding free and fair elections since independence.

Biti is a social misfit! That is the reason why he has failed to build and consolidate a following with the electorate as he is viewed as someone who is power hungry, myopic and lacking in the national vision. It sounds quite barbaric for Biti to allege that the elections in Zimbabwe have been militarized. Somebody please tell this young man that the military is not involved in elections but there is an independent body known as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) that administers the polls, and it is urging all the people from all the political parties to register as voters.

Politicians should stop lying to the electorate and start telling the truth. Biti should not think that he can fool us; he should rather be busy recruiting people to join his little-known party. The man recently refused to join other political parties that participated in the so-called Zimbabwe Electoral Reform Agenda simply because of the presence of his arch-rival, Morgan Tsvangirai.

The man is saying to be talking to progressive parties while he snubbed their invitation. This becomes a fascinating paradox as he is calling for their support in his endeavour for the so-called security sector reforms. This shows that the man has run out of ideas and is desperately seeking political relevance. It is a known fact that Zimbabwe has been fulfilling one of the tenets of democracy; that is holding elections at prescribed intervals.

These elections have been held under free and fair conditions and they have been internationally recognized. Biti is a clear and present danger, not only to the nation through blatant misinformation and disinformation, but to himself because he has come to believe his warped propaganda. He is simply unfit to lead a nondescript party, let alone to govern a country with such a rich history as Zimbabwe. His perception of self as being imbued with leadership qualities is as laughable and misplaced as it is pitifully frightening.

It is a fact that despite himself, Biti expresses admiration and envy for the leadership qualities of President Robert Mugabe. His attempts at slighting President Mugabe's economic policies are a question of sour grapes.  Simply put, Biti is a lightweight on issues of economic importance.

It should be known that MDC-T and other opposition parties are struggling to form coalition forces to fight ZANU PF that continues to successfully defend itself in all elections since independence. Thus the opposition coalition always suffers a stillbirth.

Biti's political misfortunes continue to mount on a daily basis. About 20 PDP members, led by provincial organising secretary, Lameck Ndlovu, defected to Zim PF citing frustration. It is quite unfortunate for Biti to continue losing members from such a little known party and that sends a bad message for a politician. Those who have defected are saying they are now happy as they are now identifying themselves with the real party.

PDP Vice President Sipepa Nkomo recently indicated at a meeting held recently that he will join ZimPF soon. The mass exodus of PDP members to other political parties indicates that the party lacks strong leadership and strategy.

Source - Stewart Murewa
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