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13 Oct 2016 at 13:27hrs | Views
QN "Jeremiah ministered during the time when there were too many political parties in Judah." Highlight the difficulties he faced as a result of this and examine whether or not prophets in Zimbabwe today face similar difficulties? (25) (Article number 160)

Date :13 October 2016 |Divinity Questions
 Authored by Witness Dingani

• The prophet Jeremiah is known by so many biblical readers, he prophesied in Judah. His message is well known to be the message of doom because he was always prophesying destruction concerning Israel, this is evidenced by his symbolic actions, similes and metaphors. Because of his message Jeremiah was never accepted in his home town, this is evidenced by the rejection by his relatives,this is indicated in Jeremiah 20:10, however, one should not that some accepted Jeremiah for instance King Zedekiah went for consultation.

Jeremiah ministered during the time when there were too many political parties, this include the following
a) Pro -Babylonians
b) Anti -Babylonians
c) Pro -Egpytians
d) Anti -Egyptians

Jeremiah faced so many problems because of his message. The Anti-Babylonians were not in favor of going to exile specifically in Babylon perhaps they were aware of the punishment to encounter, this include the likes of Hananiah, Pashur and e.t.c. As a result Jeremiah faced so many difficulties, this include being arrested. Jeremiah was arrested by Pashur perhaps because of his message which he delivered since he started to prophesy, this is recorded in Jeremiah 20:1. All this indicates that Jeremiah faced difficulties due to so many political parties during his days in Judah.

• The scroll of Jeremiah which was written by the secretary Baruch was also burnt, this scroll had message of doom. This occurred when the secretary Elishama reported Jeremiah to the kings, this is recorded in Jeremiah 36:21. All this indicates that Jeremiah experienced difficulties because of his message.

a) Humiliated in front of everyone. Jeremiah 28:11
b) Rejected by his own friends and relatives. Jeremiah 20:10
c) He was nicknamed as the "Burden of the Lord". Jeremiah 23:37-43

• In Zimbabwean context, it is recorded that some prophets face such difficulties, it is prudent to note this was common during the Smith Regime. Isabel Mukonyora and Dillon wrote that Johane Masowe was arrested for preaching without proper documents. Authors and authoress believes that Ezekiel Guti was arrested for even criticizing the Smith Regime, this is also similar to Samuel Mutendi, in 2015 Nehanda Radio Newspaper interviewed Nehemiah Mutendi and claimed that his father was once arrested for criticizing the oppression of the blacks by the whites as it was his mission. All this indicates that Zimbabwe prophets once faced difficulties just like Jeremiah when being arrested is concerned.

• Some prophets in Zimbabwe have faced persecutions, especially the white church garments.In 2014 the media recorded that the government was to drive away all white church garments who gather in the outskirts of towns, as a result some apostolic churches experienced this especially in Victoria Falls, this was even recorded by and Newsday Newspaper in 2015 which stated that all Apostolic Churches which gather along Bulawayo road were driven away by the local council. This simply indicates that prophets in Zimbabwe also experience the same thing just like Jeremiah when persecution is concerned.


• There are some prophets who are not necessarily facing difficulties just like Jeremiah. Some prophets in Zimbabwean context, they face challenges of being attacked by media on daily basis [You know the Examples]


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Source - Witness Dingani
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