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Mujuru a deceitful coalition partner

18 Oct 2016 at 10:20hrs | Views
Joyce Mujuru, the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, fell apart from other political partners that were mooting a grand coalition ahead of 2018 polls as she is vehemently reprimanded for destroying other parties for her to gain political aggrandisement.

Mujuru is accused of stealing the entire of Matabeleland North Provincial executive team which was led by Sipepa Nkomo from Tendai Biti's Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) recently.

Biti fumed over this matter calling Mujuru a daylight witch who is callous and ignorant of the strengths of opposition politics in this country. He labelled her as an unfaithful coalition partner that is busy fishing from a fish-pond at a neighbour's house without due caution.

Mujuru appeared blatantly traitous when she courted the PDP members that she was dealing with in a negotiation for a possible political coalition ahead of 2018 polls. Instead of signing a workmanship deal with PDP, she decided to weaken the party by cajoling the negotiators to dump PDP and join her party.

She has sent tongues wagging as all other political parties are almost at the verges of an agreement to exclude her ZimPF from the anticipated in the grand coalition talks. Others are suggesting that she can only be accommodated on condition that she reverses the recent induced defections by PDP Matabeleland North Provincial executive team.

Some opposition political experts are inundated by the actions of Mujuru whom they labelled a political opposition novice who still suffers from ZANU-PF hangover. All grand coalition partners are viewing her with unbridled suspicion which they feel is poised to destroy the opposition politics in Zimbabwe if she is left to go unchecked.

Biti the best legal mind which ever existed in the country which is busy fighting and winning court cases which stifle opposition political landscape. He is only rewarded by the beneficiaries by crippling his political prospects. Analysts feel that Biti is likely to react by abandoning the opposition politicians in the wilderness and at the mercy of their rivals.

Biti has a very comfortable fall back cushion by going back into fully-fledged legal practice since he is a competent lawyer. This contrasts him competitively with his counter-parts like the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai who is semi-literate and financially poor. Tsvangirai only pins his hopes on political fortunes or windfalls form well-wishers.

Mujuru's political strategies are creating a stalemate on the opposition political front which may confirm that she is a ZANU-PF project meant to destroy the opposition politics from within. The best for opposition politicians would be to shun her for the protection of their political interests. Otherwise they are headed for crying foul later in the game.

Source - Sparkleford Masiyambiri
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