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Archbishop Emeritus Pious Ncube, please do not insult our intelligence!

24 Oct 2016 at 14:22hrs | Views
Your Eminence Archbishop Ncube, this article is in reply to your interview you made last week. At best I kindly ask you to remain silence and forever. The worst things we can still get from you before your final exit are your memoirs. Please be truthful in them, we know you to be dishonest and callous and self-centeredness. You pried on vulnerable married women, used them as sex objects and now after nine years you want us to believe that "it appears a lot of untruth were told." Surely you are playing around with our brains, Your Eminence, we want nothing but the truth in your memoirs, so that we come to terms with our loss, and your recklessness with women under your spiritual care and guidance.   

It's now nine years down the line since you were caught red-handed in a sexual act with Mrs. Rosemary Sibanda, pants down so to speak, you have the hide to gloat about your health: You do not have blood pressure problems, no diabetes mellitus you do not have sleepless nights, you say Your Eminence. Such statement smacks of arrogance considering the fact that Mrs. Sibanda died of undisclosed ailment!

What makes everything tasteless about you sex scandals is the fact that you targeted the most vulnerable women in the community where you served in the highest office of the Catholic Church: Archbishop of Bulawayo! As a Catholic Feminist, I am entitled to know if those sex escapades were done wholly without any exchange of money as an incentive. Did you pay all those women you had sex with? Can you sincerely tell me that you loved all those women you had sex with or was it sex per se, pure enjoyment of the body and never beyond any emotional and financial connection?

Did you pay for sex Your Eminence? Why did you target married women mostly? Is it because it's safe to have affairs with married women? If they got pregnant you will not be responsible so to speak? If what is written about you in the media is anything to go by, you had sexual pleasures with several women, did you use condoms so that you remained in good health you boast about to us gentiles, lesser mortals, that good health God gave you in abundance, taking into considerations there are numerous sexual transmitted diseases in Zimbabwe: the only STD we still do not have is Ibola. We thank God for that; we thank your prayers for it too.

Is it true that you have sired children: to be precise: twins in Math South. If it is true did you pay damage to the parents of the damaged woman? Are you looking after the children, are you paying your part, paternal contributions as father to the offspring? Ngixolele ngemibuzo Your Eminence, sengingoba bengingekho. If indeed you sired children as the gossip says, whose father's names are in their birthers, (birth certificates) yours Your Eminence? Are those children baptized in the Catholic faith?

I would like to make it known to you Your Eminence that I as a Catholic am very angry about your recklessness. We banked on you so much in our regime change efforts. We sincerely thought you were our Moses. You spoke tough; you were fearless in your approach to matters regarding genocide in Mathebeleland. You were part of the committee that compiled incidences of violence and murder and rape: put together the documentation we now call "Catholic classified files on Genocide in Mathebeleland and Midlands" that have all evidence of genocidal crimes that Zanu regime committed in the Gugurahundi atrocities between 1983 and 1987.

We placed all our hope in you: sure not only the peoples of Mathebeleland  and Midlands put all their trust in you but all peace loving peoples of Zimbabwe saw in you a saviour who was going to lead in front, face bullets of the crude regime of Zanu PF.  We had every reason to believe you were going to lead the revolution and you scandalously left the political stage when you had shown Zanu PF regime you mean what you say. Your platform as Archbishop of Bulawayo was powerful enough to liberate us all the people of Zimbabwe from Zanu PF.

Why were you so blind about your ability to effect regime change in Zimbabwe? Your courage was unparallel, even Richard Morgan Tsvangirai does not have the courage you had. You were eloquent politically and you told Robert Mugabe in no uncertain terms whatsoever, you said Robert Mugabe was evil dictator and rightly so. Now Your Eminence, surely what is sex in comparison to the freedom of millions of citizens who yearn for it almost every day, you were wholly capable of sacrificing your life to liberate Zimbabwe once more? You said this on many occasions that "give me our freedom or death." How did sex drive take precedence to the emancipation of your people; a noble cause that will have given you a Noble-Peace-Price easily?

You jeopardised a lot of chances the country could have benefited in your service as Archbishop of Bulawayo. We depended on you on many issues regarding genocidal atrocities that took place in Mathebeleland and Midlands as you have first hand evidence of these very painful historical events. I wish to make you aware of the fact that in your leadership, Zimbabwe will have benefited most and it is a fact because you are one of the most courageous people we have ever had as a nation. You threw all those people's hopes and people's expectations away by mere sex affairs with many women, some of which are married making everything adulterous.

You are spiritually in good form you said in the interview. Mrs. Sibanda admitted her guilt before she died. Your interview makes me want to believe that with time: two years from now or more you are going to deny your sex scandals. "A lot of untruth has been said" you said in that unfortunate interview. The high office you held as Archbishop of Bulawayo and your position as Archbishop Emeritus Pious Ncube does not permit you to still insult our intelligence and think we can believe your lies. You betrayed all values and principles of the Holy Catholic Church. You betrayed the faith and Catholic vows you held most nobly albeit on stage and show, apparently never in your Catholic conviction. There is no moral high ground for you to preach righteousness to us. At best please be silent forever, never insult the already insulted! Never brag about your good health whereas Mrs. Sibanda is six feet deep as we speak, died of undisclosed illness!

Your Eminence, I belong to the Feminist Movement and our cause is to fight all forms of exploitation of women by unscrupulous men and women. I look forward to the day I will be able to come home. I can assure you that I will visit those seminars where Catholic Priest and Nuns are trained to give awareness to Sex Kauf. By sex kauf we mean sex in exchange for money which I believe was the case with those women you engaged in sexually. You are not the only one of the cloth who on the vulnerability of women, after your own scandal, several of the Catholic cloths were caught or exposed "eating the forbidden fruit" We want to give our young women some dignity in their lives. We want to empower women and never be sex slaves. It is certainly an underestimate if I say those women never were equal partners in those sex exchanges with you but for the sake of those extra dollars they did it: abhorrent!

What is most regrettable about those videos of you and Mrs. Sibanda is that they were played on state media for all to see including the children! That is most regrettable indeed. But it is Zanu PF for you, a regime we all know for its barbaric and cruelty and they know no boundaries in exposing one they deem an enemy of the state. You should have known this that you were target number one. They target the weaknesses of their enemy and exploit it to the full.

This note is not an attack on your person Your Eminence; I am not clean either to teach you any morals, but am enraged about that interview you made, Your Eminence. I am too small a human being in comparison to you; I am a nonentity. I just found that interview you made recently absolute galling to say the least. I prefer you rather kept quiet and forever than to rub our wounds of loss, we say in you we lost our hope of liberating this country once more.

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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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