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ZANU-PF Probe of Professor Moyo Urgent

25 Oct 2016 at 11:02hrs | Views
The Jacob Mudenda led ZANU-PF committee tasked to probe Professor Jonathan Moyo on corruption allegations should verify claims he makes against the party that he used the misappropriated ZIMDEF funds to finance the party's activities.

ZANU-PF should emerge clean after this investigation. This comes on the backdrop of the fact that some corrupt party officials normally hide behind the back of the ruling party which they claim would always serve them from any bad consequences when faced by any criminal charges. Such officials are bringing the image of the party into disrepute by associating it with wrong doing.

ZANU-PF should take a stern position against any such officials who ride on its back as a way of satisfying their selfish desires to loot public resources.

In the interest of justice, Professor Moyo should be given the right to reply so that he lays out explicitly how the ZIMDEF funds had relevance in meeting the party's financial obligations. He should also explain how he filled the gap left by the cash that was channeled outside that entity.

However, it is critical that while ZANU-PF is doing its part to establish Moyo claims, the other statutory bodies like the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are also expected to do due diligence applying appropriate legal steps to deal with this matter urgently. The populace is left wondering over the ability of the state to deal with identified cases of corruption.

Corruption is the worst enemy of the state at this point in time as it is used to gobble large chunks of national resources by wicked officials. It's time to break the impunity which some of these people are capitalizing on. This is the only way to rescue our nation state from sinking into mud. Eradication of corruption is an indispensible pre-requisite to resuscitation of the economy which is on a very slow recovery path.

Considering the levels of corruption characterizing our country, it is prudent that powers that be can call for an operation similar to the Task Force on price slash which was declared by President Robert Mugabe in June 2008. This was used to deal with all unscrupulous business persons who were raising prices willy-nilly to the detriment of public interests. All prices of goods were directed to be reduced to June 18, 2008 levels. The defiant business persons were dragged before the courts.

In addition, the state can also set-up a special Corruption Court to deal with specific cases of corruption. This will be inclined to the concept of the Electoral Court, Constitutional Court and the Administrative Court.

The public can be given adequate public awareness on fighting corruption. This would entail the effective use of toll-free numbers and whistle-blower concept to gather information on corruption. This information will be critical in promoting thorough investigation on allegations of corruption.

Source - Sparkleford Masiyambiri
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