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Mujuru's chances of leading a grand coalition slim

25 Oct 2016 at 14:56hrs | Views
The prospects of a grand coalition of opposition political parties against ZANU ­PF rule in Zimbabwe is proving to be a mammoth task as the concerned leaders are all power hungry. The two main opposition parties, the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) and Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) are not trusting each other in as far as unity towards a grand coalition is concerned.

A group of Morgan Tsvangirai's top lieutenants remained skeptical of a pact with Joice Mujuru's Zim PF as they are protesting their expulsion from ZANU PF and are willing to go back to the ruling party if pardoned by the party. It is also a known fact that Mujuru is not an opposition leader by option as she was expelled from ZANU PF.  Moreover the two parties have different ideologies.
The Zimbabwe People First party should first organize itself into proper structures from the grassroots up to the national level. At the moment the party is only known and has its structures at the national level and most people do not know how the party is being run.

Political parties should stop the blame game and concentrate on solving the problems bedeviling the country especially the economy downturn, which is hurting almost everyone. The illegal sanctions which were invited by the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), should be lifted and be attacked at all corners. At this point in time people are questioning the logic behind Mujuru's visit to the United Kingdom which imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe; is it to her wisdom or lack of it?

Zimbabweans hope that during her visit she sourced funds to improve the economy and not to seek more illegal sanctions. Mujuru could be misleading herself as the people are now fed up with these politicians who were expelled from ZANU PF. Most of the politicians, who were expelled from ZANU PF, are not trusted as they are known to be power hungry, which is the reason why they were fired.
The Zimbabwe People First is being criticized for being led by political prostitutes in the likes of the late Kudzai Mbudzi, who have been members of more than three political parties. Thus these people are opportunists who are always joining any political party in which they that they can grab positions which they would manipulate for self aggrandizement.

Mujuru's party is characterized by divisions as epitomized in Masvingo province where Claudius Makova imposed a candidate to contest in the forthcoming Bikita West by-election without the approval of his party. This shows that there is confusion and profusion in the party. Above all the party is composed of spent force in the likes of Didymus Mutasa who claim to be the champions of democracy. The party's council of elders is of no importance as they continue to blame ZANU PF without proffering any solutions to challenges currently facing the country.

The People First's congress, scheduled to be held in October, might turn to be a fiasco if the party members continue to blame ZANU PF without concentrating on their party programmes. Joice Mujuru should not have the audacity to blame ZANU PF for every problem in Zimbabwe as she was part and parcel of the ruling party. If President Robert Mugabe pardons Mujuru it would not be surprising for her to rejoin the ruling party.

The claim that Zim PF had unearthed a plot where ZANU PF activists in the United Kingdom were planning to masquerade as opposition members and disrupt Mujuru's scheduled address at Chatham House should be taken with a pinch of salt. People in the MDC-T are suspicious of Mujuru as they strongly believe that she is a ZANU PF spy. This reduces chances of a grand coalition.

All in all the chances of a grand coalition seem to be a dream which will never come true as the people are not coming together with a common allegiance as Tsvangirai and his supporters claim to be the big brothers in opposition politics.

Source - Stewart Murewa
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