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Mugabe feigns ignorance about some areas having no schools

04 Nov 2016 at 16:31hrs | Views
The recently released audio about President Mugabe insinuates that the president is shocked to find out that some regions have no schools. His speech was captured at Marongwe School in Dande.  What is indeed shocking is that the president does know what is happening in his own country. There are many other areas in the country where children rise before dawn to start the long walk to remote neighbouring schools. This is 2016 and Mugabe has been in power since 1980. This is how long it has taken him and his cronies to realise that some areas still do not have primary schools let alone secondary schools. That is what we get for entrusting Mugabe and Zanu pf with power to govern a country such as Zimbabwe.

The president needs to know that even in areas where there are schools, not all existing schools are up to standard. The structures are an eyesore or non-existent in some schools. The schools are under-resourced with no adequate learning materials. These schools are understaffed and largely staffed with unqualified and inexperienced teachers. Teachers are battling to deliver education under trying conditions in Mugabe's schools. That there is some learning taking part in these schools is nothing short of a miracle. The schools league tables can be used as a guide to locate where some of these schools are for the likes of Mugabe and his clueless bunch of thieves who have sucked the nation's coffers dry. Then they wonder why certain areas have no schools. The president should not look too far for the money that should be used to build schools in needy areas; just take a look at his personal savings and offshore account balance. His and his accomplices in Zanu pf. What a shame! Then he has the audacity to come out drawling that he is surprised there are no schools in some regions, really?

This goes on to show how out of touch this government is. Mugabe's administration has let the country down and the future of children is at stake.  Sadly this is not the only area that has been neglected by this inept government and the ruling party. Perhaps this is the right time to remind the president what else is amiss before he releases more audios and videos expressing more surprises at what Zimbabwe has become under his watch. Does the president know that;

The hospitals are in shambles too and are now slaughter houses for our people, devoid of medicines and manned by a skeleton healthcare professional staff complement?

The state of our roads is atrocious full of pot holes the size of which was unknown in Rhodesia.
Social welfare system collapsed ages ago and elderly and infirm have no respite.
The state prisons are brimming with starving prisoners.

Factories have long closed their doors and unemployment rates are at dizzying heights?
The economy is down on its knees with no national currency of its own.

Tribalism has become entrenched and that soon the streets of Zimbabwe will flow with the blood of its citizen as brother kills brother.

There is a lot this president needs to be reminded of before he calls it a day and have the decency to resign from office and face the music considering he is a corrupt despot who has murdered his own people in order to maintain his iron grip on power.

Nobukhosi Moyo is a polical activist aand Human Rights Campaigner who can be contacted on

Source - Nobukhosi Moyo
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