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What I Learnt From My Garden's Useless Bed

16 Nov 2016 at 10:36hrs | Views
When I was at school there was a certain man who taught us Agriculture. Man oh man, the man would give us a severe beating when the plants in our gardens were withering. There were days in which he would takes us to the garden for inspection. He would instruct every student to stand next to his own garden bed. If you knew that the plants in your bed were not growing properly, you would run to the hostel to put a wet towel inside your pair of trouser first before going to the garden for your bed inspection.

The wet towel was for reducing the pain when this teacher starts electrocuting your bums with his cane. One day I had not watered my bed for a while and my veggies were in a shameful state and we were summoned for bed inspection in the garden. I knew I was big trouble! I panicked and ran to the garden to water the veggies. It was too late. If you have not been watering the garden for a while, you cant expect the plants to blossom again within one minute. Lets pause there. You surely don't need to be told what happened afterwards.

If you don't water your garden regularly (living a prayerful life) , you cannot expect the anointing to suddenly come raining to nourish your sermon (veggies) when you do your emergency prayers (emergency watering). It doesn't work like that. You ought to constantly water the crops even on the days you know they will be no inspection (days you are not preaching or on the days u are not a lead singer in your music team). Those who have not been constantly watering their gardens will be exposed on the inspection day. If you don't believe me ask my Agric teacher.

There are those who don't constantly water their relationship but only try to sweet talk ( emergency watering)   their spouses (gardens) when they want to be intimate with them, and it doesn't work like that, it doesn't produce the desired results. All those who only try to water their gardens with emergency watering in their relationships, ministry or business will always find themselves whipped by the Agric teacher (unfruitful unfortunate or embarassing situations). Don't embarrass yourself, keep working on your garden bed at all times!
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