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For how long shall we cry fowl?

21 Nov 2016 at 06:25hrs | Views

Life in Zimbabwe is becoming worse everyday.For how long shall we continue crying fowl ? Who will listen to us when we are crying not resisting ZANU-PF oppressive laws

For how long shall we wait for Zimbabwe opposition political  parties preaching a Gospel which is easily overpowered by ZANU-PF? For how long shall we continue listening and practising quite diplomacy to ZANU-PF which is full of political scavengers?

For how long shall we watch our fellow countrymen being abducted and disappearing.

For how long shall we clap  hands for ZANU-PF bigwigs who are corrupt and busy with embezzlement of state funds;looting diamonds and enriching themselves

Zimbabwe is not a democratic country but it is one of the most corrupt countries which legalises corruption.

It is amazing that this time in Africa;oppression is still there but this time  it is done by a black man to another black man. The question is "Do we call this a second Apartheid;oppression; hatred or selfishness?

Everyone participated in the war of liberation although others took arms against the white domination until when Zimbabwe was autonomous ( no longer a dominion). The masses sacrificed their life's by giving the freedom fighters full support every time inform of gathering information; providing food and shelter where necessary.

Now that freedom is being enjoyed by a few people who are in government. What about those who are now suffering wounds of brutality. What about those who are now permanently disabled because of war?;What about those who lost  their relatives during war?

Is everyone enjoying fruits of independence? Some other people now say Smith regime was better than ZANU-PF regime because although people were oppressed ;there  were no shortages of basic
necessities of life.

Action is now needed and an agent solution  is the only way which can liberate Zimbabwe. That solution must be done by every citizen of Zimbabwe

The opposition political party's leaders for them to succeed they need to understand each other and consider people's needs first before considering  about  how their future should be like.

Sikhumbuzo Moyo an independent political analyst not a spokesperson of any political formation and he can be contacted on whatsapp(0710440369)

Source - Sikhumbuzo Moyo
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