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Zimbabwe top 15 youthful influential figures 2016

21 Nov 2016 at 20:46hrs | Views
The year twenty-sixteen (2016) is one that most Zimbabweans will be eager to forget quickly in their minds due to many problems of different kind.

The challenges which faced people of different age groups between the old and young ranged from soaring levels of cash shortages, insecurity due to the rise of demonstrations, depression and rise of unemployment rate.

However,despite these undulating challenges which faced the populace of the country there were those among young generation in Zimbabwe who rose up to dizzy heights in one way or the other such that it is hard to keep a blind eye over their unique feets.

The Pan Zimbabwean Society- a social lobbyist club that advocates for extreme patriotism conducted a prosopographic research based on discrimination of facts rather than gender or ethnic belonging to come up with a Top 15 list of young influential figures of 2016. The following is what came out of the analysis:


The Tourism and Hospitality minister is arguably the best youthful personality in the year 2016 as presented by the research.

The minister has worked strenously in order to restore the image of the country in the tourism and hospitality sector amid years of isolation which turned Zimbabwe into a Pariah state.

The minister is one person in the government who has been honest,frank by telling out his factual opinion despite the fact that it seemed to contradict with the lyrical tune sung by his superiors in both the government and Zanu PF party.

The fact that his work ethics have earned him endorsements from various countries globally to land the prestigious UNWTO Secretary General post puts him at a firm position as the leading young personality of 2016.

Mzembi's work return has even left some key sectors of the country exposed for instance the mining sector is far worse of the Tourism sector in terms of revenue generation using a qualitative analysis rather than quantitative.

Maybe it is because of the misterious disappearance of the $15 billion which has worked for the good of the tourism sector and Mr Mzembi.


The charismatic young lad has been a surprise pick for 2016 due to his unexpected meteoric rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. The former MDC-T youth leader had been written off after his unceremonious defection from the so-called big tent in opposition politics.

However Mkwananzi defied all odds stacked against him to lead influencial social club in Zimbabwe known as Tajamuka/Sesijikile movement.

He influenced most Zimbabweans to organise the biggest demonstration of all time which totally shutted down the pillars of the country. He even went on to face trials and tribulations as a payback for his actions and being arrested but his determination never waned.


The youthful leader once taunted the best brain in the country by President Robert Mugabe during the tenure of the Government of National Unity(GNU) had a low work return this year and slipped from 2nd position which he held last year to 3rd this time.

Though he did not perform as he ought ,the Kuwadza East legislator did not disappoint in the National Assembly where he remains a mountain to move.

His presentation of well choreographed arguments and facts usually sent shivers down the spine of many legislators in the august house who up to now have not found the trickery to contain his nuisance to them.

Mr Chamisa was even promoted to the post of the MDC-T Vice Presidency in move that surprised many in social circles but also demonstrated his dimunitive skills which even convinced MDC-T leader Richard Tsvangirai to appoint him to that strategic post.

Chamisa has even gone on to acquire a degree in theological studies which will make him a 'surprise pastor' of all time.


The youthful Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator has continued to be a shining star of motivation among the young generation with his work ethics.

He has managed to break the hullabalo which suggest that everyone older than you should not be questioned or criticized.

He has raised some reasonable and idealistic points in the august house and this alone has acted as a keypoint to earn him the influential figures of 2016 nominee.

He has also been able to take the bull by its horns in the form of Generation40(G40) a notorious factional group within the revolutionary ZANU PF party.


The Zimbabwe's First Lady was a quiet figure in the year 2016 compared with the two previous years and this made her to slip to 5th place from pole position.

However, the most powerful woman within the Zimbabwean pretext has been one figure who has dictated everything even in her silence or absence.

The First Lady has kept everyone in the Zanu PF party on their toes and turned some to mere bootlickers in an effort to please her and return their positions or favours.

The most powerful figure so far in Zanu PF has created a new slogan known as "Stop It!" And whenever she takes the microphone to say it she mean it. Stop It!


The youthful minister is another hardworking top government official so far. Though he has been accused of meddling in the succession dogfights,the Minister of Sports and Recreation has let his groundwork silence his critics.

A totally different figure from his predecessor Andrew Langa,the minister has worked tirelessly round the clock to revive the sport industry which had been destroyed by maladiministration.

He has ran around to source resources for all sporting discipline to make sure they participated in their assignments even at the eleventh hour or a minute to twelve.

He is a man on a mission sandwiched with passion.


The legislator who is in parliament through the quota system is the best lawmaker so far especially in the issues that require judiciary expertise.

The lady is a respected legal affairs personality in the country and has worked even extra hard to break the gender barrier within the society of some myopic and chauvinistic men errants.

She is one woman in 2016 who has worked extra hard to make sure laws are aligned expertly and sooner than later.

Unfortunately her days of appearing on this list are number as age seem to take its toll on her side but the labourer deserves her wages.


Though not familiar with many people across the country due to the issue of marginal barriers,the young man based in Bulawayo has worked hard to be an influential figure for the young children.

He has worked hard parting his precious time to help school students with some helpful Divinity,History and Ndebele study tips.

He has even used the social media to full useful capacity to help students pass. Most importantly he has not kept his ears to the cry of the poor and has gone further than most people who have large chunks of money by setting up the Dingane Charity Organisation to help out the less privileged with provision of basic needs in their lives.


The young editor at H-Metro a Harare based news tabloid and Sunday Mail the best Sunday family newspaper has walked an extra mile by putting the young turks under the spot light.

He has put up the Sunday Bridge blog for the young people within the Zimbabwean social fraternity to air their views which are shunned on the some bigger platforms such as the political and business forums. The editor has worked very hard to become an influential figure and a source of inspiration among the optimistic young children and therefore his works have not gone unnoticed.


The Deputy Speaker of Parliement has had a fiery tale of the rise from humble ground to the second powerful position in the august house.

This has been complemented by her commendable strenous work return where she has gone on to defy the gender barrier to contain some notorious elements in the house who would try to challenge,disrespect and belittle her.

She is her own testimony and rightfully deserves her tenth spot in the list.

11. MTHOKOZISI GWIZI This man has uplifted the spirits of many lost souls not only in Zimbabwe but around the word through his motivational sessions he hold. His unpopularity has also been as a result of some marginal barriers which have proved that the statement 'no prophet is accepted in his own country' contains true elements somehow. His rise from being a disgusted security guard to become an inspirational and influential figure around the globe remains the best 'folklore' of all time which shall inspire many never to lose hope especially young people face by socio-economic problems grippling the country.


The maverick former Caps United and Warriors fitness trainer staged the biggest electoral coup of 2016 or of all time since 1980 in by-elections by defeating Zanu Pf to the Norton legislative seat. The defeat of Zanu PF was the first of it kind in an open by-election since 1980.

Mliswa,a former Zanu PF stewalt proved to be an influential figure among young political aspirants by showing everything is possible even if odds are stacked against you.


The ambitious young businessman who owns a Freight and Logistics company is another influential figure in the business sector amid gripping economic hardships.

He is also the owner of Harare based football club which he acquired in 2015 in the wake of looming cash crisis which were threatening to destroy the third biggest club in Zimbabwe.

He has managed to bring stability at the club and being the owned club owned by an individual in the league is testimonial to how influential this man has been in 2016.

A quiet man who only let his actions do the talking has also influenced club supporters to part with their own hard earned cash to help their beloved team through his commitment to the cause of the club.


The youngman has been voted the best spokesperson of 2016. The young legal expert who is the People's Democratic Party national mouthpiece has been an exciting figure who has showcased his reason prowess by providing stubborn facts while at the same time playing around diplomacy.

A commendable job which has earned him an influential role to all young aspiring future spokespersons.


The youngest person to make it in the list was also the youngest member to enrol at a University in Zimbabwe in the Accountancy sector. A girl with a history not so rosy has since graduated in the year 2016 to become the youngest graduate of all time in Zimbabwe and this is key to her,earning an influencial role to all young ladies to tackle the issue of gender with much pride and reference to their role model.

Wilson Chipangura nom de guerre Comrade Mazhambe is the youngest leader of a social group by the moniker Pan Zimbabwe Society at the age of 18. He is currently in Sanyati. The group based in Zimbabwe advocates for extreme patriotism to defend our social values and cultural norm.
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