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Mangundla a dead man walking: Bond notes are a recipe for disaster

22 Nov 2016 at 10:45hrs | Views

Reserve Bank governor John Mangudla is a dead man walking.A very bad policy maker in a very important position.
The man has failed to help President Robert Mugabe and his party Zanu pf on strategies of keeping his party in power.

The bond note issue will ruin the Zanu pf empire and its too late to reverse it.
This is a strategy meant to make the United states dollar a currency for the rich people alone and ordinary people will have to apply and wait for approval to get American dollars from the bank.

This is fake money created by dictators to steal the United states dollars circulating in the market.This is nothing else but executive theft and no other vocabulary can be used to describe the theft.

A bond note is not a United states dollar and only a fool will believe that.The Robert Mugabe regime is broke to the marrow and has been deserted by key sponsors who have shifted focus.

The Mugabe trip to Equatorial Guinea is not to attend the Africa- Arab summit but to solicit handouts from Ngwema.Not for the country but for Zanu pf only which is already smelling exit from power.The vote buying strategy has failed and ouster is inevitable

The introduction of bond notes is day light theft by the corrupt regime,it is  a grade one strategy by the fool at the Central bank.He is too silly to believe and too mad to advise.He has forgotten his role as a central.

Mangudla is a Gedion Gono carbon copy, too barren to save the country from demise.These two governors both from one commercial bank CBZ will not be respected anywhere else outside Zany pf.

What is now clear is that Mugabe is on the way out and all criminals and those involved in professional misconduct such as Mangudla will be forced to carry their crosses.

Nobody will be allowed to get away with corruption or murder,this involves Mugabe's wife,children and son in law.The hunters will be hunted soon after the Zanu pf loss.Nobody will be forgiven for criminal activities committed during Mugabe's tenure.This also involves those heads of parastatals that secretly funded 2008 genocide, Zanu pf rallies,dinner dances and first family birthday celebrations.Forgiving Zanu pf linked criminals is out and no amount of bootlicking will save them.

John Mangudla is too careless and too adamant to hear the public call as if is the only economist in the world.A normal Reserve governor would resign if cornered by politicians.

Zimbabwe will take the bond note but vote Zanu pf out as soon as elections come regardless of the computers,residential stands and money being dished out to buy votes.All will be taken,eaten and Zanu pf will lose elections.

This is a confirmation of bad governance and President Mugabe is badly misled.Zanu pf is in the hands of thieves who are working on razing down Zimbabwe or take it to the graveyard with them.

Source - Gugugu Magorira in Zvishavane
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