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Dr Joshua Nkomo speaking to young generation beyond his grave

26 May 2017 at 20:27hrs | Views
Today I (Thulani Nkala- TN) was lucky to have an opportunity to talk to Ms Sipho Sibanda(SS) who is the spokesperson for the organisers of the Dr Joshua Nkomo commemoration in the United Kingdom for 2017.

 Dr Joshua Nkomo was one of the forelights of the liberation struggle, he was the president of ZAPU and Commander in Chief of the ZIPRA forces, arguably, ZIPRA were better trained than any other guerrilla force operating in the land at that time. He passed away in 1999, but since his death his stature has grown from strength to strength, sadly even those who hounded and hunted him down are now using his name for endless purposes. Nkomo's gallant life touches and still resonates with the young and old, his prophetic speeches from time to time go viral on social platforms.

Here is the excerpt of the interview with one of the representation of the young generation and her thoughts about the big man.

TN: We have heard that you are planning a commemorative event for Dr Joshua Nkomo in the UK, when and where is the event going to be held?

SS: Thank you for having me Nkala, there are few amazing people behind the scenes planning the event and for now am just their mouth piece, 18 years ago we lost the illustrious and gallant leader in the mould of Dr Joshua Nkomo, in our small special way we want to take a leaf from his page of life on the 1st July 2017 and learn one or two things from it. This is going to be a special event involving a wide range of people, the event does not discriminate against anyone, it cuts across the sections of our community as we all know that Nkomo's greatest strength was the ability to see across and beyond schisms, he respected women, children, tribal differences and other races. We are following him, in his footsteps. To answer your question directly, the event will be on the 1/07/2017 starting at 1pm and the Venue is The Bungalow. S60 1LB Tenter street. Rotherham.

TN: Dr Joshua Nkomo is well known for his heroism during the liberation struggle, is this what you are going to be celebrating or it would be something much more than that?

SS: Dr Joshua Nkomo or if I may say Father Zimbabwe was larger than life! He was a charismatic person so much that even years after he was laid to rest, we feel the need to celebrate the person he was and what he stood for. His life is still shaping our social and political lives. It is those inspirational touches and moments of his life that we will be celebrating. Beyond his grave, Dr Joshua Nkomo still speaks to us in his special way. We want to celebrate his legacy of peace and unity.

TN: Post-independence what would you identify as Dr Nkomo's contribution towards the well-being of the people?

SS: The man represented equality and unity. He was a peace-loving person who just wanted a better life for all. How can we even begin to forget that? If it was not for Nkomo's patriotism this country would have went up into flames after independence. Remember how vilified and spurious allegations were concocted against him, but he kept his calm and held back for the sake of unity and progress. He was even hounded out of the country he had liberated and his lieutenants were incarcerated and a great number of his supporters decimated. This is the man who saw beyond pain, who hoped against hope and prevailed. One day his contribution will be properly and appropriately acknowledged and celebrated in our country.

TN: What kind of an event is it going to be and who is invited to the function?

SS: It's going to be a family event and all the golden age songs will be played, just to put a smile on everyone's faces. We want it to be an event that reminds all that will attend that we are one. Event is for All Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabweans. It's a celebration.

TN: Is there a time on it?

SS: Yes, there is, starting at 1pm siyajayiva kuze kuse, tojaiva lidza Lino Bhutan, kusvika makuseni.

TN: Will there be food?

We can't celebrate with no food, there will be plenty to eat. The African way. Keep your eyes open for more details. All other details will follow soon.  Looking forward to seeing you and Everyone else.

TN: Thank you for your time and explanation, we wish you a successful event, please keep us informed about the progress of the preparations.

SS: Thank you so much for having me and helping us to spread the good word about the event.

Joshua Nkomo is increasingly becoming an inspiration to everyone across the country,recently Highlanders fans have turned his statue in Bulawayo into shrine to worship at when the team is going through hardships.

For more information please contact Mr Edi Moyo +447432741129 and Ms Sipho Sibanda on +447510680653.

Source - Thulani Nkala
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