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Magaya rape accuser must be prosecuted.

04 Dec 2016 at 15:30hrs | Views
Dear Editor.

Please note I'm not a law guru but i think the woman who lied that she was raped by prophet Walter Magaya must be arrested and prosecuted for lying, wasting state resources and tarnishing the Prophet's name.

Rape is a serious offence which leaves the victims traumatised for life therefore those who lie about being raped must be sentenced to the equal term of a rapist.

Surely what was the woman's motive, to extort money from the prophet or to gain false sympathy from the public?

It is because of such shameless women that most people think most rape victims will be willing.

To imagine that the President is calling for rapists to be castrated and we have who confess to lying about being by a prominent prophet surely boggles my mind. This woman must be prosecuted so as to send a strong message to other would be pretenders.

Justice for all....

Thank you. 

Matigari Muchaneta

Source - Matigari Muchaneta
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