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Let's all face reality Mthwakazi Omuhle

30 Dec 2016 at 11:38hrs | Views
My first question to you Bantu bakithi is, how ready are we to govern ourselves? Here I am asking all of you Mthwakazi political parties. I understand that MLF and MLO among others have already declared that they will never contest elections in Zimbabwe, they will only contest in a free Mthwakazi, and the question is when is Mthwakazi independence?

While the seemingly firebrand MRP led by Mqondisi Moyo on the other hand has not openly said they will contest elections or not, though it is believed by many that it will contest the upcoming Council and parliamentary in Zimbabwean elections come 2018. What is your plan B in the absence of elections? I am asking all of you.

My second question is, what if we don't get our independence in the foreseeable future, does it mean we will continue boycotting elections and running to South Africa while our neighbors occupy space in Mthwakazi, as vendors, civil servants, our representatives in council and Parliamentary being Shona in Bulawayo and the rest of Mthwakazi, while we continue to haul insults on Shona people on Social media? Why?

 I can't say which of the Mthwakazi parties I support, but I must admit Mqondisi Moyo and his team are doing a splendid job and I am tempted to support them, unless and until other Mthwakazi formations comes up with a convincing plan of achieving our Mthwakazi independence soon I will join MRP and vote for it come 2018, because this to me is a sure attempt of trying to protect our space and doing something for our region, instead of continuing writing long articles of empty threats while our parents are crying for a solution in Lupane, Tsholotsho, Gwanda, Lower Gwelo, among other places.

My humble submission is that may all Mthwakazi formations humble themselves and work together for the greater good of our Mthwakazi people. I wish to see a united front of Mthwakazi formations working together in 2018 with the sole purpose of defending our space in 2018 as a short term measure, while the long term plan and the final destination being a free Mthwakazi. To me contesting elections is a good attempt towards Restoration, honestly you have nothing to lose because you have already lost everything.

The Scotland National Party in Britain which have been there for many years have been contesting elections in their local space and winning but they have never abandoned their struggle, their MPs voted for a referendum, which was well published in all major international News as a success on its own though they lost to a NO Vote and Mthwakazi we need this, we so the then Prime Minister Mr. Cameroon running to Scotland trying hard to stop Scotland exit by offering the best he could which include semi autonomy, which to me was a success for the people of Scotland achieving that without going to war.

That is the advantage of political power which we currently don't have as Mthwakazi.

I have read most of MLF and MLO press statements and I must say I am not impressed every time I so them I try to read and I find out its one and the same thing empty threats, no action, and no solution. If I am not mistaken these political organizations have been there longer than now, the only achievement they have is fighting amongst themselves probably because they have nothing to offer like myself in Diaspora, we in diaspora must accept that there is little we can do now except supporting those at home. On the other hand I must commend MRP for a job well done so far so good, guys keep it up you are doing a good job, you have popularized the Mthwakazi struggle with real action, I have never met where you guys have threatened anyone your radicalism is within the law yet you are doing a marvelous job I enjoy reading your statements.

But I must say you are disappointing me by keeping us guessing on whether you will participate on elections or not, time is running out on you guys I understand you intend to make a resolution at your Congress, but as you have post ponned your congress for lack of resources are you still going to get it anytime soon or what if you don't get money for Congress?

I must commend and salute you Mqondisi Moyo MRP President together with your team, you have shown good leadership qualities and maturity in your dealings, after the insults I read about you that were wrote by Dr Guduza of MLF I expected you to respond you didn't, recently you commended Mzila after his party launch there are few people who can do that, I salute you guys for that. You promised us that you will set up a Website soon and a manifesto but not yet thus where you are lacking by now you should have made everything you promised like, Mthwakazi Parliament, Petition, International lobby committee, elections issue and Website.

 These are exciting products MRP proposed I don't know why it is taking long to fulfill. You are the only party we have put our trust on as helpless Mthwakazi people.
My humble submission Mthwakazi ka Mzilikazi Bantu beNkosi is that Mthwakazi parties refusing to take part in election, are doing so because of fear of losing those elections because they have never went to people since their inception, I doubt very much if ever they have the capacity to at least field candidates let alone campaigning. Let's stop being emotional in politics and face reality, and the reality demands that we get into elections as Councilors and MPs as a sure way of getting political power that we are in so much in need of as Mthwakazi people.

It doesn't make sense to me that Mthwakazi region is a strong hold of Shona led parties like MDC-T and ZANU PF this is not good for us. Why are we even allowing them to freely campaign in Mthwakazi while we are on Facebook, are you guys Facebook politicians? If so let us aware so that we don't waste our time on you. I wish to see Mthwakazi Mayor in Bulawayo after 2018, to me this is more realistic than a free Matabeleland anytime soon. That criminal Emerson Damdudzo Mnangagwa is looking set to take over from Mugabe, where would you start from? I encourage you to partake in elections let ZANU PF steal those elections that would justify your resolve to go to war or any other means possible, because you would have exhausted all peaceful and legal channels accepted by the international community.  

In whatever decision your individual political parties will come up with, remember the ordinary poor people in the whole of Mthwakazi, remember that the scars of Gukurahundi genocide are still fresh in people in Mthwakazi. I have seen calls of war on Facebook by many of our frustrated Mthwakazi youths, its ok they are showing their anger and frustration but you as leaders must come up with a solution. Seat down Mthwakazi omuhle and dialogue amongst yourselves.

I fear that if Jesus had to come today very few Mthwakazi people will go to Heaven because of bitterness, Mthwakazi people are an angry people, and the reckless statements being made by the likes of Linda Masarira and likeminded lunatics in Harare is not making things any better.

I pray that all Mthwakazi political parties consider participating in the upcoming elections in 2018 let's start from there. I Nqobizitha Khumalo I am a firm believer in Mthwakazi Restoration, and the Restoration of Mthwakazi King and I fully support Stanley Raphael Khumalo, what he is doing is of GOD and I encourage him to continue to seek for dialogue with our tormenters which are Britain and Zimbabwe on our behalf.  GOD is aware of our situation and I believe he is ready to rescue us like he did to Israelites taking them out of Egypt to Canaan Mthwakazi we are also going to Canaan soon.

Writing in his personal capacity as a concerned Mthwakazi citizen currently based in United Kingdom.

Source - Mthwakazi
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