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Open letter to Evan Mawarire

20 Feb 2017 at 06:19hrs | Views

Dear "Your excellency", sorry Pastor. As I attentively listened to you, Pastor Evan during your seemingly polished and premeditated interview with one renowned lawyer, Fadzai Mahere, I couldn't help but wonder at the sincerity of your concerns on pitiable Zimbabweans, whose cause had you returning in the lion's den to "deliver". Indeed, it is commendable how you keep reiterating that #ThisFlag is a citizen movement harbouring no political motives.

You claim this movement will not be transformed into a political party, yet all the movement does is question the political landscape in the country.

Really! So what happens next for this movement after this "abhorred" regime is uprooted?

Pastor out of your own wisdom or lack of it, who do you honestly expect to buy your story that you left Zimbabwe for your family's safety?

Why are you then back, in your own words, "for good".

How safe is your family now than it was last year when you left in a huff for its protection.

And yet the "wicked regime" is still in power, and the laws haven't changed?

So why are you really back?

As you purport that your family was under attack and you were not prepared and still are not prepared to endanger your family, how is it any different now nhai Pastor?

If you care so much for your family, and nothing has changed, then why are you really back?

What assurances are there that you won't abandon ship again, leaving the sheep scattered as you are clearly delving into politics?

With your love for publicity, attention and social media, how do you justify conveniently hiding the purported physical abuse and rowdy men who visited your wife and family before you left?

Isn't this one of your calculated publicity stunts aimed at galvanising sympathy from the public, especially when one brings out family persecution?

During your interview with Mahere, I undoubtedly heard her asking you a question on presidency which required a simple yes or no.

"Would you ever consider running for presidency at some point in the future?"

You responded, "Eeeeh at some point in the future, maybe . . . maybe. This is like what I said last time, handisikuda kuzvivharira door . . . munhu ngaapihwe chance yekuita zvinhu zvaanofungidzira kuti zvinobatsira. Let a person be able to do things that they think can be able to bring about change . . . And if an opportunity presents itself . . . And with counsel we get to a point where we believe that that's the best way to go, then why not"

Doesn't this statement sums it all?

Doesn't it answer the question, why are you really back?

Why then hide behind a finger?

Why not proclaim your real reason for coming back to Zimbabwe that is to pursue your political ambitions?

You know very well its socially unacceptable for a cleric in our society hence the need to continue distancing yourself from politics until the opportune time.

Likewise, isn't this convenient for you to later turn into a "political icon" and claim that people endorsed you into office, as per "counsel".

Conveniently, you can as well later wake up and claim that being a political figure is the only way that you can pull Zimbabweans out of its mess.

Pastor, I think you went to the US for a reason, and you actually managed to get that which you intended, a green card for your family to return to the US anytime they feel the need.

Same with you, as soon as your perceived persecution starts, you will disappear to shield your family, one of your specialties.

What guarantee do we have that you didn't seek asylum, like what you claim?

What assurance do we have that you are not a US spy?

Worried as you are about your family, why would you be back for good because clearly prosecution is hovering, seeing you still have a case to answer with the courts.

What warranty do we have that you didn't get funding to resurface as a political fighter (your only motivation to come back), strategise on the best way forward in pursuit of your regime change ideology with the help of your masters?

How do you even justify landing in the US and not any other state or country in the world?

Isn't everything too conveniently placed?

Word of advice your "Excellency", presidency has nothing to do with charisma, globe-trotting, sympathy seeking or mercenary.

What is it that you have to offer apart from questioning those in power on social media?

I stand guided,

Humble follower.

Patience Rashai.

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