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SA xenophobia against the spirit of uBuntu

14 Mar 2017 at 16:58hrs | Views
For many decades now, it is quite painful and heartbreaking to continuously see a trend of barbaric and banditry behavior spreading across African states. Most recently we have started witnessing a new form of violence mushrooming in South Africa. We should come to this realization that when two brothers fight, strangers reap the rewards. This expression best describes the cancerous xenophobia that has characterized the post Mandela South Africa. The spirit of brotherhood is continuously being eroded because of a few individuals who are planting hatred. We cannot stand aside and look as our pillars of African hope are being demolished. We are The Men of Colour, created with a unique sense of oneness. We all have to understand that it all began at the Berlin Conference 1884-85 when the then European super powers set down and partitioned Africa in what is now infamously being referred to as 'The Scramble for Africa'. The fact that Slave trade and Colonization disturbed our social values and family bond is no excuse for us to abandon the African value system of Ubuntu. We need to fight the spirit of division and hatred that was injected in us in the era of colonization and slavery. We are well aware that the effects of such events may have shaken our roots but believe you me that we are not uprooted. We cannot forget the importance of sharing resources and it was imbedded within our culture to welcome strangers. This fundamental principle of oneness and brotherhood is shrouded in obscurity awaiting the day of redemption and we are the ones to free ourselves.

The Maat-Zimbabwe party would like to put it on record that it abhors the despicable past and recent xenophobia attacks in South Africa. We are in a state of wonderment as to whether there are among you who are still thirsty for the shedding of innocent blood? Are some of you our brothers and sisters still victims of cowardice behavior whereby the perpetrator hates his own failures but seeks to kill followers of his own practice in order to find solace in his failures? We cannot repair our own images and failures by killing those who are seeking to find refuge. The Maat-Zimbabwe party therefore calls upon the regional block SADC to facilitate a dialogue between South Africa and the affected countries. African Union should make its voice clear and should send a strong message condemning such behavioral trends. It should be understood that South Africa was born out of many African nations' sacrifices and contributions. We should face the real problems as Africans, if bad governance is Africa's biggest challenge then should we not focus on repairing issues of governance rather than of killing our fellow brothers and sisters who are seeking shelter?

Are we not brothers and sisters from the same Tree? Don't we belong to the same tree? Should the issue of having branches limit our scope of thinking? Our beloved South African brothers and Sisters who has misled you to the point of abandoning your own blood? Where are you the pioneers of freedom and Pan Africanism who sacrificed their lives for the good of this continent? Did Lumumba, Samora Machel, J.Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Jomo Kenyata etc regard geographic boundaries to be of more importance than the freedom of the people of this Continent?

The President of Maat-Zimbabwe Party Mr Neferkare Nembaware strongly condemns the barbaric behavior being demonstrated by some South Africans and he vowed to restore the Maat Africanism voice back to the Continent. This is voice that will reunite Africans and redefine and restore their original identity. The Maat Africanism voice speaks to you all who are covered by the dark cloud of brotherhood
hatred. We say no to Xenophobia attacks in South Africa together with the resultant hatred and bloodshed.

The time is now to elect leaders not on political affiliation or tribal grounds. A new breed of leaders who uphold justice, equality and love for fellow brothers and sisters. It is time for you South Africans to help those nations under brutal rule to find their freedom.

This is the voice of Maat Zimbabwe Party, the voice that will bring an invigorating alter of freedom and equality. The Maat Zimbabwe party preparing an exit way for both Zimbabweans and Africans to find economic freedom and social freedom. Stop fighting and reunite. Africa is being reborn and this continent shall once again become the centre of the world's economic activity. Let's be reminded of this statement that ‘If we lack sensitivity in as far as our social values are concerned then we will remain barbaric'.

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Source - Pepukai Begede
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