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Mzilikazi II's recent letter to Mugabe triggers arrest threats

11 Aug 2017 at 18:00hrs | Views
31 July 2017
His Excellency, President R.G. Mugabe
President of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Munhumutapa Building

Dear Sir


"Ndebele Sovereignty had been broken up and replaced by a new, better system as defined by the Matabeleland – Order – In Council of 1894". Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 19 July 1918.

In the recent weeks there has been insults, and threats in the public media, particularly in the so-called state-owned papers coming from your government ministers, even the small ones and directed at HRM King Mzilikazi II. In the past week alone these threats have been also issued by your notorious CIO and your police in meetings they held with some members of my Council. These threats are particularly directed at the coming King's inauguration on 12 September 2017. I want you to know that this God ordered event is a must and it will certainly go ahead peacefully.

On 22 July 2017, while addressing your so-called youth rally in Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane, you unashamedly went on to incite violence among the young people by ordering/ urging them to beat up people. History has taught us that your threats go with abductions, murders, arrests, incarcerations, beatings, rapes etc. to your victims and their families. This is what you are very well known for and this is what will be remembered of you. The world knows that you have "degrees" for these things, (by your own confession).

However, this time around it will not happen. The Ndebele people have suffered too much under your government and your systems of killing and torture and our Heavenly Father (GOD) has had to intervene on our behalf. The reason why you and your government and your structures have treated Matebeleland and its peoples with such unexplainable cruelty is because you have always known that Matebeleland is a separate state from your Mashonaland, and you have no relationship with her people. It honestly takes some nerve and some very rare degree of arrogance for the Commander in Chief of Gukurahundi (5th brigade), to come to Lupane and tell the orphans and survivors of those atrocities to kill each other for his benefit and that of his people, so that he may continue to ruthlessly rule over them. If one cannot keep his own constitution that he signed, how then can one expect anyone to keep it for them.

The Ndebele Sovereignty was broken up by the British as they well admit. The rise of King Mzilikazi II means that the Ndebele Sovereignty has been fully restored otherwise there would be no reason for a King of this calibre. This is not a subject for discussion, it is a well-known fact. I have tried countless times to have audience with you so that we may formalise these issues, but you have chosen to ignore me. Nevertheless, it is high time that you and your government and your structures begin to respect HRM King Mzilikazi II, his people, his Council, and his territory just like you wanted Mr Tony Blair to leave your Zimbabwe. Respect and personal integrity, i.e. a good character and a good name are valued more than riches in Mthwakazi Kingdom. This is what we teach our children, and not violence. I will not allow anyone to come into Matebeleland and preach violence to my people, let alone practise it.

I have attached some letters, one is for your perusal and the others are for your attention.

I trust that you will respond to this letter by making sure that this inauguration goes ahead peacefully.

Yours Sincerely,
HRM King Mzilikazi II

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