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Anne Nhira a desperate attention seeker

31 Aug 2017 at 22:46hrs | Views
I did not even know who this Anne Nhira who purports self-righteousness is until her unjustified tirade against Zodwa Wabantu. At a personal level I may not even  be interested in what Zodwa does but still respect her right to express her art and the right of those who like her.

In Bulawayo the City of Kings (not and Queens as this nickname relates to its history and not gender equality), she received a rousing welcome which obviously feed into the obvious jealousy of this saintly Nhira.

The jealousy is evident in the celebration which was as cynical as it was childish. Why would she go to town about it if it was not a personal agenda clothed as righteousness.

However Babongile Sikhonjwa aptly demonstrated the hypocrisy behind the excitement. Limited by her talent she spent more than 10 years in South Africa hoping from production to production looking for a lucky break. She failed not because of her Zimbabwean roots but her lack of talent.

She condescendingly refers to Zodwa as "this South African" taking jobs from Zimbabweans. The irony is lost to her that she was afforded opportunities in South Africa and for her to scream about employment over one South African coming for a week on a work permit is disingenuous given that South Africa is home to over 3 million undocumented Zimbabweans running away from the Zimbabwe ruins. I did not even know her but was shocked by her hatred and xenophobic tendencies.

One wonders whether not wearing panties is worse than some of the unsavory things which we hear of. For now silence is golden. Her response appears to imply that she believes getting Zodwa banned is a major achievement. What a shame! Anyway thanks to Zodwa I now know her.

An empty vessel. Just that the noise is irritating. The fact remains Zodwa came to Bulawayo and received a rousing welcome something that always brings out the worst in the people of Harare.

Your faithfully,

N. Sibanda

Source - N. Sibanda
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