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Dear Alex Magaisa

19 Sep 2017 at 15:33hrs | Views
Dear Alex Magaisa,

I have found your articles under the BSR and thoughts on your Twitter handle quite refreshing.

Your ability to rise above the "political straight jacket thought process," has been your major strength and I hope you continue that way. But your latest comments on President Mugabe's speeches at UN, where you say they are predictable, thereby appearing to suggest that they are empty and really nothing to write home about is misleading.

This kind of approach and narrative on the persona of President Mugabe has been the major drawback of Zimbabwe's opposition political parties in their quest to unseat ZANU PF.

To this end, I would like to differ with you both on the subject of President Mugabe's speech and the person the UN platform has made President Mugabe be, starting with the latter.

President Mugabe has done no other leader from the smaller countries has ever done. In his speeches, he has acknowledged the existence of the superpowers but has thrown vitriol against the same pitching him at a different pedestal in comparison to his peers.

This somehow has set him as the only voice for the voiceless Africa and other smaller countries in other continents.

Those privy to the happenings at such foras will tell you how even some of these superpowers send emissaries under cover of darkness to have some issues that they can't say themselves being articulated by Zimbabwe.

More so if we were to be furnished with the number of viewers worldwide that tune on to watch President Mugabe talk everytime he takes to the podium his nemesis would be stunned. Not that they don't know … but it's not on the public radar as yet.

Even back home I have seen opposition parties and the neutrals follow his Presidential Youth Interface Meetings with keen interest.

Not only has he used the UN platform to chide the superpowers but has used to celebrate some of his achievements against white capital monopoly in favour of the poor, who constitute the majority of the world population.

This has endeared him with the majority of the poor people of the world. In Zimbabwe, he has done well starting with the Land Reform Programme of 2000 which has now entered its final stage of rationalisation and financial inclusion for the beneficiaries.

In his address at the UNGA 2012 President Mugabe said: "Social justice, political stability and sustainable development in African countries can best be achieved through genuine and committed support for the ownership of means of production that favour the poor, who are the majority.

"In Zimbabwe, my Government has gone a long way in laying the foundation for sustained food production through our Land Reform Programme.

"The majority of the rural people have been empowered to contribute to household and national food security. The possession and exploitation of land has also turned them into masters of their own destiny through giving true meaning to our national independence and unquestioned sovereignty."

True to the spirit of President Mugabe on Sunday, 16 September 2017 we woke up to hear Agriculture Minister Dr Joseph Made announce that for the 2017/18 farming season Cabinet has approved free inputs under the Presidential Inputs Scheme for 1,8 million households and the GMB shall facilitate the distribution of maize, small grains and soya beans.

Dr Made also advised that "GMB shall distribute the inputs to every farmer at the nearest point possible." He also disclosed that at least 400 000 households have been earmarked for the cotton programme under the Presidential Input Scheme.

This news speaks to the UNGA72 whose theme is "Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet."

"For the Strategic Grain Reserves we have surpassed the one million tonne mark of maize. With this milestone, we know that the bulk of grain is still to be delivered from our small farmers.

"We have small farmers, who are bringing in their grain but the bulk of the maize has been coming from farmers contracted by Government under Command Agriculture and commercial operations.

"From today (Sunday), GMB shall ensure that satellite depots are opened. This is the position of Cabinet and this is what we is expected to be done.

"This means that grain will be collected from small farmers wherever it is gathered. It is the responsibility of GMB to pick that grain to their depots. I hope this position is very clear."

Source - Gerald Bongwi Saruchera
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