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Mnangagwa the citizens of Zimbabwe demand Itai Dzamara

23 Nov 2017 at 12:30hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings to the incoming "new" President of Zimbabwe Cde E.D Mnangagwa.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate you for attaining the highest position in politics after a long suffering and insults from Grace, Robert Mugabe and G40. Your silence and humbleness during those period will be greatly appreciated.

However , Mr President, I have these demands which I think as a citizen of Zimbabwe should be met with immediate effect. May you make the issue of jobs the first priority. About 98% of Zimbabweans are unemployed due to ill advised policies of Robert Mugabe's government such as the indigenisation. If this policy is revisited or repealed many investors will come and employ us.

The unemployment rate in this country has led to political, social and economic problems, which are haunting us everyday.

We have witnessed family disintegrations, for people are going out of Zimbabwe to other countries looking for green pastures and living their families behind. We have also witnessed people, especially the girl child engaging into prostitution due to lack of formal and proper employment. The majority are living in gross poverty due to lack of employment. Therefore I request you to deal with this issue immediately.

More so, I urge you to bring to book those who stole the $15 billion from Chiyadzwa diamond. People still need that money for it will boost the economic system in our country.

Further more, the citizens of Zimbabwe demand Itai Dzamara who was abducted by unknown people while he was in a barber shop in Glen view. The unknown people who did such an inhuman act must be revealed and brought to book.

It will be also not fair if you did not address the issue of political prisoners. Those have committed no crime but only demanded the rule of law and the dignified exit of Robert Mugabe. They should be released promptly.

Mr President,  you are also advised to take into consideration the issue of parastatals which have run down by the government of Robert Mugabe . Workers at parastatals such as ZBC, NRZ, TelOne, AirZim are not paid while the money is or was used to fund Party programs.This has to stop so that these parastatals can run smoothly.

Education sector is also very important to improve. We demand better education with affordable tuition, accommodation and grants for tertiary institutions  students.

In addition,  Mr ED, improve the healthy sector which is now dead. We need good healthcare and free health service.

Mr President,  if you meet the above demands and others which I have not will enjoy your presidency. But if you fail to meet them...your government will be ungovernable just like of Robert Mugabe.

Yours faithful

Fanuel Chinowaita

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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