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Corruption at ZESA Rutenga

23 Dec 2017 at 07:34hrs | Views
Dear editor

I am blowing a whistle for ZAAC to come investigate the ZESA Rutenga area which services the Ngundu area.

These people are very corrupt and they have a 'something for something' language. They planted some power-line poles at Ngundu south 3 years ago. The poles are now bending towards our houses that they can fall on them at anytime.

What surprises most is that other people are connected to electricity bypassing other other houses by underground cables. The generality are told that they don't have resources. If they get something from client a plan is found to convey a much demanded product Nicodemusly to that client.

Operation restore order must visit this branch. They have enjoyed this style of life for decades now. It seems it's a syndicate that brackets even some of their bosses coz if you try to highlight these corrupt practices to the higher order they just ignored and don't take any action. We are left with no avenue for redress except your widely read news on line.

If our new government is serious about tackling corruption, please visit ZESA RUTENGA. If they had no resources, why did they erect poles and leave the for 3 years. Ngundu South residential area needs electricity.

Stop it! ZESA Rutenga

Kana government yakaresva kuva pinza basa, mangwana chaiye ngaivadonedze Nkoma Ndofirakureva

Ngundu resident

Source - Ngundu Resident
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