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Letter to US Holocaust Museum; Mnangagwa the architect of Zimbabwe death camps

13 Mar 2018 at 11:10hrs | Views
Dear Sir/ US Holocaust Museum.
My name is Devine Mafa, a Zimbabwean living in American. I left my home land and was offered asylum in the USA.

Zimbabwean Ndebele tribe that I belong to--I lost my brother and over a million people killed yet the numbers have been severely underestimated to 20000 deaths, all related to tribal cleansing and persecution by the ruling Zanu PF in 1983-1987.

No justice has been served for my brother Canan and many others million Ndebele people.

My father, Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda, a former Zimbabwe Member of parliament started an organization to help the surviving victims with birth certificates, assisted documentation of the dead and also provided assistance from his Personal earnings.

He became a community organizer for his Organization, PIST - Post-Independent Survivors Trust practically serving everyone using the emotional strength generated from my murdered brother, Canaan Mafa Sibanda.

On November 15 2017, dictator Robert Mugabe was disposed and replaced by the architect of Zimbabwe death camps. The man who killed over a million Ndebele people on Mugabe's behalf.

In 2008, President Emmerson Mnangagwa was also responsible for rigging, maiming and killing of over 600 Movement for Democratic Change opposition supporters that my father and Chamisa belong to.

President Mnangagwa now promises a harmonious election this year before August 31st, 2018. We can not only take him at his word but we hope to push for dialogue, though the debate forum in a public setting.

January 31st, 2018, I founded ICND - International Commission for National Debates - to host permanent election debates in Africa. It is my belief to carry ongoing data collection and research to establish that a direct correlation exists between a decreased election violence and open dialogue. I have also established a philosophy, the doctrine of ethical debates as the cornerstone of the organization including honesty brokering to voters, ending violence, manipulation, intimidation, victimization, dishonesty, and unfair political tactics.

There are a lot of dangerous election rhetorical slogans issued by the current president "Pasi Nemhandu " - kill and burry the enemy deep down in the ground. These slogans are the fuel to the engine of hate and tribalism. The slogan chanters usually follow up the Psychological chants with of use machetes, burn people alive and kill children.

I believe that open forum debates allow talent to be displayed and teach voters to appreciate the political  skill, they will also question candidates while at the same time educating voters that violence is not the way. Information is the way.

Politicians are revered in Zimbabwe and its the highest achievement sought by all because of lack of jobs and business opportunities.

95 % of Zimbabweans are not formally employed and the country is at a crossroad.

Zimbabwe is at a crossroad and will need your support in facilitating these debates.

It is also my greatest wish that you recognize Advocate Nelson Chamisa who is a 40-year-old opposition leader, likely poised to be the next president of Zimbabwe in the next election if violence and intimidation do not occur. I fear that his efforts will be derailed by Tribalism and election violence.

If he stands up against the Gukurahundi atrocities and show a positive will for good direction and go against the expected --to be silent on the killings of over a million Zimbabweans.

Please encourage him to speak more for what's right.  Reward him so that he can do more about this divisive issue. He is able to end tribalism by acknowledging the ills of the past regime. If he speaks on this issue but fails to garner supporting voices, he will get a backlash and lose the elections.

Recently, Chamisa accepted the logic of coronating of the Mandebele king. A huge step by the Shona tribals. The Ndebele king, the last king of Zimbabwe dislodged from power by the British settlers was still not replaced because of tribalism bent on oppressing the Ndebele minor tribe of Zimbabwe. The bad blood between the Shona and Ndebele may have started back then but the adversities and lack of appreciation of each other's culture calumniated into a long drawn tribal massacre by the ruling Shona majority that Chamisa belongs to.  Chamisa seems to have understood that a strong culture also indicates a good economy. If we look at Japan,  its very developed and yet the Japanese have a tradition that is getting stronger by the day.

I have spoken to Chamisa a few days ago and gave him my advice and he likes it. We discussed what he could do to end tribalism in Zimbabwe including building a GUKURAHUNDI Zimbabwe MASSACRE MUSEUM to permanently memorialize the lost one million Zimbabwe lives. A reminder that such should never happen again. We must also reevaluate the real numbers of the murdered Zimbabweans. "DDT all the coacraches !" President Emmerson Mnangagwa is quoted as having fueled the persecution of Ndebele in the late 80s. But he has claimed To repent and must be tested in a public forum debate considering that he has also been alleged to have killed many for Mugabe during every election cycle.

If Chamisa makes the right rhetoric against Gukurahundi and tribalism, reward him now for it will help save lives in this election cycle least lives will be lost. His voice must be encouraged to push for the right attitude. "Words matter !" President Obama once said. Words of leaders inspire the right attitudes and peace. Words lead people to have hope and cooperation. This young man has the It - factor and must be supported to motivate peace initiatives between the tribes of Zimbabwe. There is distrust at the moment but it can be fixed with all the support. I had also advised him to reach across the isle and name an " in waiting commission for truth  & reconciliation " to show his good conviction and genuineness for it will be wholly appreciated and indicate strong positive factor in not making a campaign. Promise.

There are two things I seek in this letter,
1.  Awarding, advocate Nelson Chamisa and or issue a statement in to let him and the Zimbabwean people know that you are watching and appreciate his positive moves and theirs.

2. Help me establish the first presidential debate in Zimbabwe through the non-profit organizations that I founded January 31st, 2018. My team and I have set up networks in the ground and yet we have limited funds to sponsor this debate for I am Personally funding it.  South Africa Broadcasting will charge $ 20000.00 per hour and we are seeking 4 hours of debate time and advertising. We would also need staging and moderating. I am pledging 1 million. personal fortune for a  budget roughly 1 -6 million to effectively arrange and reach all people and the region with 100 million views- hence using interpretations for all tribes, lawyers and offices and vehicles needed. We also plan to establish high school national debates and have early intervention projects and establish a non-violent society that solves issues through dialogue not hoes, machetes and pitchforks and including necklacing used tires on the head of human beings.

Please see the images from Zimbabwe that now appear every election cycle.

ICND hopes to also host the debate in South Africa and other emerging democracies.

I have every belief that you will assist us extra establish debates and honour Chamisa for his brave words this weekend and help us build a Zimbabwe Holocaust  Museum

Devine Mafa
President / ICND
International Commission For National Debates
1240 Central Ave
Memphis TN 38104

Source - Devine Mafa
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