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An open letter to maKhupe (Madam Boss)

16 Apr 2018 at 06:18hrs | Views
VP I want to believe that those who are saying madam boss Khupe and her few bootlickers have been hired by ZANU PF to derail the MDC Alliance are true. To Khupe she thinks that the same Congress that elected her does not have a mandate to call for an extra-ordinary meeting to elect another 'Moses' to lead the people.

Madam you had been in politics for long period of time. By this time you must have known that this is a dirty game. Politics is the game of convincing the masses (people) to rally behind you, which is something that Chamisa did to snatch the leadership of MDC T. Courts have very little effect in this game. There are still disputed election cases of 2008 that are still pending in courts. Politics are solved politically.

If I were you, I would have listened to Tsvangirai and share the same view of a United Front against the ruling Party. You remained adamant to an extend that the former MDC stalwart concluded that you lack leadership qualities that it takes to be on the forefront. Thus the Chamisas were hand picked to avert this disaster. You are very selfish and you don't have Zimbabweans at heart save your ego.

Tsvangirai tried by all means to extend an olive branch to you but you turned it down. He was very patient with you which you miscalculated as a weakness. You shunned meetings to resolve what you call a rift. Chamisa tried again to call you to order but you really arrogantly turned down all efforts. Are you a ma'Ncube' by totem. ZANU PF got into problem with one of their maNcube. We don't like the likes of Mugabes who think that they own a political party. We want progress maKhupe. We have never seen you around this country trying to lure people to support and vote for but except some few gatherings in Bulawayo and round Bulawayo where you just spoke your bitterness in your fight for presidence. Thus 'stomach politics'.

Your are gone maKhupe, you are finished and out. Don't waste little resources that you are left with trying to hire 'We-Dhuku' who himself too is waiting to cast his vote not on your name but probably on Chamisa. Wake up!

It's not because you are a woman that you have been pushed off the moving train but it's because you are too tribalistic. We want a United Zimbabwe.

Source - Nkomah Isaac
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