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Government Must Intervene in Bulawayo TM Saga

by S Dube
28 Jun 2018 at 19:53hrs | Views

I must salute you for giving us refreshing news and and the good work that your Team has done in reporting fairly and without fear or favour. We hope that this excellent service continues into the future. In an age where some newspapers can only chronicle stale, poorly written and biased news you have remained a beacon of hope.

The TM saga now requires Government intervention as it has continued to divide the country and alienate other citizens thereby creating unnecessary tension.

Not long ago the same company faced demonstrations in Cowdry Park as residents marched against its discriminatory tendencies. Unfortunately from 1987 the people of Bulawayo have been taken for granted, abused by institutions and scorned by companies. From universities, teachers colleges and nurse training institutions it has become a tradition that Bulawayo people are forced to watch from the sidelines and made to swallow pain and wallow in poverty on the basis of preserving "Unity".

The deployment of riot police cannot be a solution to the genuine problems faced by the people of Bulawayo who by now should have starved to death if it was not for the safety net found in South Africa. While they cross flooded rivers, scale fences and jump borders to eke a living, the modern day favoured ones are ferried in air-conditioned buses to take over menial jobs by their doorsteps. The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe recently said that he loves the people of Bulawayo. We believe him. We pray that he acts with haste to deal decisively with divisive tendencies of companies that seek to keep the country divided. The Parliament of Zimbabwe must summon TM management to explain its actions that are purely designed to cause alarm and despondency.

The former TM Hyper Manager, Mr Mabhena was a gentlemen and a leader. He will greet customers and sometimes even pack goods for them. He knew no tribe and treated customers with dignity. He was always available to assist and ever ready to address the concerns of clients. The new management of TM hyper has been lording it over Bulawayo residents. As I write there is a message circulating on social media that Ndebele speaking managers are being targeted and removed. This blatant violation of the country's laws must result in a huge fine and if TM Hyper continues on this tribal path its licence must be withdrawn.

I will never again set my foot at any TM store. I call upon all the people of Bulawayo to pass a vote of confidence in TM stores with their feet. As a country we must mobilize for national boycott of all TM stores as we d not want to be divided by tribes or regions.  The people of Bulawayo have found their voice. Today they stood united as Shona and Ndebele and spat at the tribal abomination at TM Hyper. The people of Bulawayo have found their voice. I must warn the advertising agencies that have been deliberately misspelling words such as Amhlophe and doing a lot of funny things with the Ndebele language. Messages circulating on social media show that the time of ill-treating the people of Bulawayo are over. Those in Government who accept the discrimination of their own people are representing themselves. The people have found their voice and will not be deterred anymore. Ayibuye!

Yours faithfully,
S Dube

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Source - S Dube
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