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I'm beginning to doubt Jonso's IQ

25 Aug 2018 at 19:50hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

Fellow countrymen I salute you in the name of love, peace and harmony. Honestly I say to you let us love one another irrespective of our differences, let us disagree to agree for the sake of peace and prosperity.

Growing up I wanted to be a professor, but surely right now I have decided otherwise, thanks to Prof Jonso and his reasoning. I for one, I'm beginning to doubt his academic qualifications and his IQ. Is Jonso a true professor or one of those who dubiously obtained their qualifications like Dr Gucci Grace? The nutty professor want the whole world to believe that figures plagued from the moon and note backed with data yes residual or raw data is a fact and must stand in a court of law. The learned chief justice asked the applicant how he arrived at his figures and he fell short on that fact, period! How did the applicant arrive at his figures without residual data???? Zimbabweans are not dull or dumb, professor!

Anyway imbwa dzagara dzinongo hukura hukura so continue barking prof but surely I wish you face your day in court for the abuse and misuse of the zimdef fund. I pray that the long arm of the law catches up with you and your bring forward tangible evidence proving your innocence. Meanwhile, please enjoy your hibernation while it lasts instead of hallucinating. To Nelson Chamisa I repeat....Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is greater and bigger than Harare.

Surely what is 0.1%??? To any reasonable person that is totally within the expected standard variation especially considering the pressure MDC Alliance exerted on ZEC to announce the results well before the constitutionally period of five days. Well I am very happy because I know the applicant is using RGM's I'll gotten wealthy but my advice is please stop sacrificing innocent souls for your own political grandstanding. To my fellow countrymen please let's be reasonable and focus on rebuilding our country without this big brother attitude being shown by some capitalist countries.

True Patriot

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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