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Zimbabwe is a weird country

15 Sep 2018 at 06:48hrs | Views

My sincere condolences to the victims of cholera. Surely this unnecessary loss of lives is totally unacceptable this time and age.

What's surprising me and maybe the world at large is that those responsible for providing good service delivery to the rate payers are blaming the government and zanu pf. Surely this is madness at its highest level for the buck stops with the councils period! The very same people who are now blaming government are the ones who quickly accuse the same government of interfering with the administration of local authorities.

The very same people now being affected by this epidemic are the ones who were whistling and ululating at the stupid and childish promise of spaghetti roads and bullet trains. Yes this remind of a father who would promise his child an aeroplane when he couldn't afford a simple pata pata. Reality check we deserve it for we are dumb and stupid.

Now Mr Spaghetti Roads Bullet Trains please come down to mother earth and provide safe portable water to your supporters instead of sewer contaminated water. Yes the MDC run councils and not zanu pf must take the full blame of this cholera outbreak. We all know how the city fathers and council employees are living large at the expense of service delivery. Mr Spaghetti Roads Bullet Trains we don't want your hallucinations but good service delivery worth our rate payments. Stop fooling the people, stop the extravagance and corruption within the city councils. Surely if you cant manage Harare what more of the greater Zimbabwe?

Zimbabweans please lets wake up and smell the coffee, MDC is our waste enemy.

Patriot Citizen

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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