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Chamisa a young Robert Mugabe

by S Dube
29 Oct 2018 at 05:34hrs | Views

Nelson Chamisa who has falsely appropriated himself the robes of a Messiah remains an unrepentant and dangerous toddler dictator.

The dismissal of the democratically elected Mayor of Victoria Falls to pave way for his self-appointed stooge should make all dictators cringe with awe at the new record of mind-control.

The councillors have the right to choose their mayor without molestation.

In the small mind of Nelson, he must decide who stands for elections, he must decide what role they play and he must also influence all elections and only those acceptable to him deserve to be elected. To imagine that he has been masquerading as a democrat and mistaking big words for big ideas is a travesty to all those who believe in democracy.

He is so obsessed with himself to the point of self-worship and God forbid that a dictator of his stature assumes power for he is already abusing power that he does not have.

In Masvingo he was meddling with elections promising to rain fire and brimstone to all those opposed to his dictatorial tendencies. In Harare there were serious allegations that only people who sang his praises loudest were selected to stand as candidates and unfortunately the electorate fell for his clumsy gimmicks. In Bulawayo there is that clown who allegedly came into the swearing in ceremony drunk.

Bulawayo has a proud history of leadership and it is sad to see the City of Kings reduced to the city of thieves. The councillors, some of who have never run even a beer party, were smuggled into the chambers. The electorate was hoodwinked into believing that change was on its way.

The voting along political party lines has killed the country. The Honourable Deputy Minister Modi has already done wonders in his constituency while the clueless MDC councillors are looking for the next station for lootocracy.

It is an indictment into the "educated people" of Zimbabwe that clowns, ruffians, thugs, hooligans and hoods have found a feeding trough in politics masked as service to the people. The MDC was making useless noise against the cleaning of towns and clearing of vendors demonstrating that it's a party based on populism rather than principles.

How can cholera which is the legacy of MDC be eradicated without cleaning the towns?

Chamisa has shown his true colours. He is a fierce dictator who will burn everything unless he gets his way. He lacks respect for the Victoria Falls councillors who must have resigned enmasse to reflect their disdain for the imposition of a mayor through dubious means. However, MDC councillors cannot resign in support of a principle for they do not understand what principles are.

They have never had people at heart or service as a calling. Politics has become a quick route to riches. That drunkard in Bulawayo was protected yet a mayor in Victoria Falls whose crime was to be voted has been dismissed for insubordination.

The MDC is a party of excellent double standards and a symbol of greedy and personal self-aggrandisement The worshippers of the new god in town called Chamisa are a sorry sight. While trumpeting democracy, daily their leader spits on democratic values. His ways cannot be questioned. He is the Alpha and Omega and the blind followers cannot discern it.

Only yesterday his hooligans were already proclaiming that he cannot be contested. Nobody must challenge him for the presidency that he grabbed from Dr Thokozani Khupe through hook and crook.

This MDC party led by Chamisa represents the most reprehensible and the worst ostentatious misfit of power hungry individuals whose agenda is to loot and pollute the nation.

S Dube

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