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Independent Commission of Inquiry into the death of Football in Zimbabwe

by Unknown
09 Dec 2018 at 08:44hrs | Views
Your honour the president, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent self appointment to the vacant position of President at Zifa.

I will tackle the issue of the vacancy head on. When our team was knocked out of Afcon, I believe that you were supposed to fire the coach and terminate your contract with Zifa to allow new blood into the new CAF competition.

I hear there were no elections and you armed yourself and claimed the position with your Deputy. Let me be honest, politics has no place in football.
You are a seasoned Politician who bullied your way into football because your ego was bruised in Gwayagwaya better known as Chirorodziva, Chinhoyi Caves and the battle of Chinhoyi with Faber Chidarikire.

Now that FiFa protects all the criminals that surrounds it, makes it difficult for football to develop in Zimbabwe where Politicians have also failed to sustain the economy and health of the nation.

Football is the only sport that united tribes in Zimbabwe,  but now the same colonial masters are the ones who now entertains our football fans in Zimbabwe.

This used to be our only past time sport, that will entertain us when we escape from the brutal politics ruining our beautiful nation.

The only consituency that would be our only sanctuary as poor, sick and heart broken Zimbabweans, but guess what you killed that one too using Politicians.

Zimbabwe is open for business. Football is business too, but which investers have come in since the new dispensation? As you can see, we have always been in the stands supporting our teams while you chop and change the rules to keep you in power of football.

If my memory saves me right, our neighbour used to have their national sponsored by  President Kaunda which later was popularly known as KKX1. This team strengthened Zambian football, West African and North African teams fell to the sword at the hands of Chipolopolo in Ndola.

As a constituency it empowered Kaunda until his influence through football was now fading like dusty roads of Africa, full of waterlogged pot holes.

The death of football in Zimbabwe, was reminded to us all when football supporters where shot in broad daylight in Harare by soldiers when they protested that the referee was biased and killing the game.
Who pays to watch football?

So who has the right to protest and complain?
As a customer when you pay for a service, you expect 100% quality like what Croatia fans and Manchester City the Citizens gets valued for money football.

Why do I mention that those killed in August were football fans, because they are Zimbabweans who will also support their national team irregardless.

At the moment your advice is every pregnant woman must kill their unborn baby due to lack of health and welfare. You have also made it difficult for teams to breed their junior players let alone support Academies which you view as bastards from illegitimate relationships. But let me ask you Mr President. Who is responsible for fathering those children you ignore, but later call to play for the national team after being raised by a step father or sugar daddy while you while fly away all the time lying about the progress you have made in Zimbabwe. I cannot wait to see all teams going on strike until we have a level playing ground.

So since the new dispensation, how much money was given to football and which successfull coach that has been hired so that we all clap from the stands.

This might sound too political but these stadiums have turned to become rallies and inaguration ceremonies cemeting the death of football and emerging of soilders as key players in the Premier League.

So since President Kaunda was removed from power, the Zambians buried their football alive. The end of an independent era, is it the end or death of our beloved football as well. I guess we will soon see a military general as Zifa CEO, current soilders as referees protecting Chiyangwa and his friends.

Source - Unknown
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