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Bond notes have brought misery and suffering

10 Dec 2018 at 13:07hrs | Views
Dear Government,

We cant progress if we dont accept reality and correct our shortcomings! It's a fact that bond notes have brought more problems to our sick economy. The bond note prescription is adding more poison to the sick economy and surely Dr John Mangudya must do the honourable thing though very rare Zimbabwe circles, resign immediately with no terminal benefits at all.

As an honest patriotic cadre i urge the government to urgently do away with this poison, bond notes and revert to the basket currency era. Better to get sweets as change than poisonous bond notes. I hear ZERA is mulling selling fuel in foreign currency. Really! When the largest employer, the government isn't paying its employees in hard currency. Madness. Transporters will obviously charge for their services in foreign currency. Government must force those who are paid in foreign currency to pay utilities, taxes, licenses, levies etc in foreign currency.

As long we continue using this poison bond notes our economy will never recover due to the thriving black market. Those who have access to forex are getting huge returns, super profits by simply spinning the forex with no production at all. So Mr Government please accept reality for the sake of economic progress.

True Patriot

Source - Munya Shumba
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