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Selfish Zanu-PF govt behind our suffering

17 Mar 2019 at 18:11hrs | Views

Zimbabwe is my motherland. My heart bleeds when I see Zimbabwe in such a terrible state. Our elders took over the reigns from colonial masters and we all celebrated because we thought we are now in full ownership of our country.

When some people in Africa hear names of their presidents they will start to tremble. Zimbabwe, our president is not a god but has to be our head of State and to serve us.  I am worried when I see our country falling apart. Many Zimbabweans are facing hardship and life is at standstill. Many Zimbabweans are scattered abroad and have endured hardships, unrest, drought and political stigma.

Who is behind the suffering of the masses in Zimbabwe? Is it the selfish Zanu-PF government? How many have died for voicing their concerns on bad governance by Zanu-PF? When you mention Zimbabwe, all the time what comes into the minds of the people is plenty of fresh waters, Victoria Falls, sunshine, minerals, fear, uncertainty and corruption.

Zimbabweans are going through harsh economic conditions. Our countrymen thrive by all means to make a living. We have brilliant brains and the highest literacy rate in Africa. For how long shall we call ourselves learned and not able to solve our own crisis? How many years have we suffered at the hands of the Zanu-PF government?

The economic harsh conditions and the environment have generated fear such that citizens can not express their constitutional rights at will.  We continue to suffer with no solution in sight. Our way of solving our problems will never be the same as western countries. Whatever happens in Zimbabwe be rest assured we the citizens are the solution.

Corruption is worshipped by the current government. Where is our US$15 billion from our diamonds? No one talks about it anymore. They failed to act. Where on earth would you find a government in such an economic situation chasing away health personnel because of airing their grievances on better working conditions?

When they fall sick they don't use our local health facilities, they are always airlifted abroad.  They don't rely on our health sector.

An amazing thing when they go there, they are treated by our own countrymen who sought greener pastures abroad. Yes, it can be for greener pastures but the issue is on social, economic and political conditions which are not favourable.

Nothing has been done to solve these problems for the past 38 years. Poverty is the number one enemy the country is facing.

How many are eating a decent meal a day among our countrymen? A citizen with a full stomach has a healthy mind and can concentrate on developing the nation unlike the citizen with an empty stomach.

E Denhere

Source - E Denhere
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