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Gukurahundi victim speaks out

10 Apr 2019 at 17:50hrs | Views
It is highly saddening that a group of people should masquerade as a collective and purport to speak on my behalf with neither my consent nor knowledge. From the onset I must dismiss with exaggerated disdain the self-appointed and self-serving group of later day Judas Iscariots. I must be very clear that they can be no conversation around Gukurahundi which does not include justice. The attempts to whitewash the dark sins of genocide under a false banner of nation building is an insult to the victims mischievously buried in shallow graves. These purported spokespersons are blissfully unaware that in Ndamuleni, Lupane where I come from the killers dressed as soldiers went homestead by homestead shooting at civilians at random without provocation whatsoever.  In Siwale river, Lupane river a pool of innocent blood remains to this day as a witness to the cold-blooded murder of around 57 young men whose crime was to be Ndebele.  For anyone to imagine that a half-hearted apology without justice will erase the Gukurahundi crime is a sick joke. That collective is constipated with selfishness and its pretentious throne of arbiter of matters of Matebeleland must be demolished without fear or favour.

Our brothers were murdered for having served under ZIPRA. They properties which they bought through their sweat were stolen and to this day remain occupied illegally by ZANU(PF). The so-called collective of denial must explain why it is easier to rebury bones than to return the ZIPRA properties. This appeasement must fail and renewed attempts to form new organizations to represent victims must be given vigorous impetus. Our grief cannot be bought or sold and justice is the minimal demand. It cannot be imagined even by the most unprincipled scale that issuing out birth certificate to Gukurahundi victims is finding closure. It is also pure mischief that such an unrepresentative self-righteous grouping has proceeded to make decisions on halftone of victims who never appointed them.

I call upon all progressive people of Matabeleland to resist and reject this attempt to kidnap their right to justice and dismiss it as a silly endeavour. We must call upon all the witch-doctors and magicians to cast a spell on all those who participate in Gukurahundi. They must know no rest even up to the tenth generation.  This blatant and brazen insult to victims to pacify their hurt through futile attempts at  window-dressing their pain stinks to the heavens. In Ndebele we say Icala Kaliboli.  

Yours faithfully
L. Dube

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