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To what end Mr Chamisa, does the end justify the means?

17 Aug 2019 at 14:48hrs | Views
Dear Nelson Chamisa

I write to you with a very heavy heart for ever since you usurped the MDC Presidency Zimbabwe has never known peace and thousands of people have been brutalized, hundreds maimed and scores killed for your cause. I don't condone the heavy handedness of the police/army nor do I condone violence, anarchy and looting but its certain that for any action there is a reaction!

After stealing the MDC Presidency from Madame Khupe you went on to contest against ZANU PF fully aware that the odds were staked against you as the playing field is not level. Maybe young as you are you don't really appreciate the ZANU PF machinations or it's your being over ambitious which is blinding you? After losing the elections with your MPs performing dismally you started crying of a stolen election. It is a fact that you resigned to your fate well before July 30 2018 as you were on record saying you will make the country ungovernable. What a shame because you are doing exactly that!

You can rant and rave about ED's legitimacy but surely even your backers know it that he is the legitimate President of The Republic of Zimbabwe. So they are simply consoling you as we do to the bereaved knowing fully that we cannot perform a Lazarus. Stupidity is doing the same thing with the same result all the time while hallucinating of a change. My sincere 2 cents advise to you is to have a paradigm shift, change of mindset, ideology and tactics. For once stop relying too much on those foreign embassies/countries for they don't vote. Immediately call for the removal of sanctions be they targeted or whatever. Have a nationalistic approach not this elitist for Zimbabwe is far much bigger than Harare and Bulawayo combined. Humble yourself and do away with this big brother mentality.... Jongwe rinorira rimwe chete for now like it or not its ED....period!

As a party you need to be progressive instead of being retrogressive. Strikes and demonstrations don't work in our heavily militarized and polarized country. Instead of just being antagonistic provide solutions, show the good that you can do and let your good works do the campaigning even if it means submitting yourself to ED after all the tallest tree was once a seed that went underground only to emerge much stronger. Accept to be led if you want to lead at some stage. If you are a true Christian as you claim then please don't soak yourself with earthly power. True MDC cadres are crying foul because of your insatiable greedy for power. Thousands of people have been brutalized, hundreds maimed, and dozens killed because of your lack of foresight and vision. You can't catch a lion by confronting it that's not  bravery but stupidity.

So what are the objectives of your strikes and demonstrations? What have they achieved so far which will make you win the fast approaching 2023 elections. Rather than a few thousand USD in your own pockets we the povo are still suffering,   investors are shunning Zimbabwe, still no jobs, electricity,  cash and ZANU PF is still in power with ED at the helm! My honest conclusion is that MDC is now a group of super greedy individuals who are ideologically bankrupt and divorced from the povo! We terribly miss the tenacity and intellectual prowess of Learnmore Judah Jongwe ( mhsrip). Its high time MDC starts working for the povo and with the povo so as to win their hearts instead of pleasing their Western financiers.

True Patriot

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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