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An open letter to Magistrate Gladmore Mushove

by MLF
19 Aug 2019 at 17:23hrs | Views
It is our belief that you sit in court to deliver true justice to all who place themselves above the law, without you being influenced by any one in which-soever way or on tribal lines. Therefore magistrate, it is best that you absolve yourself from the sentencing of our traditional elder and leader by proving that all your intentions and statutes you uses are not in pursuit of the evil ZANU Grand Plan.

You should do so by unequivocally charging Emmerson Mnangagwa, Perence Shiri and Chiwenga with genocide for which as Mthwakazi, we are prepared to witness. Your sentencing of Chief Ndiweni frantically implies that you are saying no one is above the Zimbabwean Law, so in the spirit, we implore on you to charge the known genodists who are out of jail masquerading as leaders yet we, and you, magistrate, know only too well that they have killed many people for nothing except to appease their spirits with human blood from whom they purportedly get the power to hold everyone hostage by using magistrates like you to advance their cannibal tendencies.

We, therefore, challenge you magistrate to rise above hate and subpoena to court the lead killers to face charges for genocide, rape, intimidation and extortion. These are the only known criminals including their godfather Mugabe and all belong only to jail and not with the innocent. If this doesn't happen, it smacks mockery to the entire Zimbabwean justice as a system that is premised on hate, genocide and intimidation.

Magistrate, you should, therefore, show and demonstrate that you are different from Mnangagwa, Shiri and Chiwenga by setting a trial date for them preferably in Bulawayo otherwise you too stand to be accused with your tribesmen for subverting the rights of Mthwakazi in issues within your jurisdiction and in accordance with our practices to curb teething moral decay and defilement of our cultures and societies.

Mthwakazi Liberation Front email

Source - MLF
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