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Ibutho leNqama: Open letter to Mnangagwa

08 Oct 2020 at 11:29hrs | Views
The President of Zimbabwe,

Ibutho leNqama received with shock and dismay the remarks made by the Republic of Zimbabwe President, Mnanangwa when addressing the Zanu PF provincial committee in the Midlands province.
The remarks did not only expose the President's ignorance of the Ndebele people's culture but the African continent as a whole.

The President is reported to have recognized the contribution of king Lobhengula's crack elite Imbizo regiment commander, Induna Mshane Khumalo but seemingly total ignorant of what Imbizo regiment under the command of Mshane Khumalo fought to defend.

The President seems only to know the last part of the battle of Mbembesi where remnants of Imbizo regiments ambushed the tracker force led by Allen Wilson at Ipupu.

The President's seemingly ignorance of the culture of a section of the nation he leads is not only embarrassing, provocative and unacceptable but totally undermines the Ndebele people and the unity in diversity of the nation as a whole.

For the President of one of the 54 countries in Africa to think only two countries in the continent namely Lesotho and Swaziland have kings and are Kingdoms and all Republic states cannot have Monarchs or Kings is totally shocking.

For the President to show ignorance that the Republic of South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and dozens of other Republic states in Africa and across the world still recognize and embrace their Monarchs is not only shocking but embarrassing.

The President did not only show his totally disregard of Ndebele people's culture in Zimbabwe but his hatred of that particular nation.

Ibutho leNqama has not taken the President's remarks lying down, the President needs to be reminded that Ndebele people equal and vigorously fought in the protracted liberation struggle to free Zimbabwe not only to play second class citizens but to be equal citizens of the country.

Like all citizens of Africa and the rest of the world the Ndebele warriors fought to regain their land where they will freely practice and observe their cultures and norms without any hindrance hence the war of independence was also about restoration of our culture and cultural traditions of which the first Umvukela was about land and reviving our Kingship.

The President needs to be made aware that the people of the continent and the rest of the world can freely practice their culture without having to political interfere in the administration of a country and they are many cultural activities that we practice that are not listed in the constitution.
Ibutho leNqama would like to educate the President that the revival of the Ndebele monarch is meant to fulfill the cultural gap which was created by the colonial invaders after King Lobhengula disappeared in 1893 fighting for this country.

The restoration of the Ndebele King has nothing to do with management of the country but purely for the purpose of cultural practices.

The President must be made aware that the Ndebele people have not conducted one of its most significant customs since 1893 and the nation is suffering to this date because of that custom.
It is very much disappointing that it seems the President has surrounded himself with people from Matebeleland region who are seemingly only determined to satisfy their own egos and ignore their duties to represent the region.

If the representative of the region had genuinely advised the President, we do not think the President would have embarrassed himself, his government and the country in the manner he did with his remarks. Ndebele nation is a nation of nations with different tribes from all walks of life who have the right to practice their culture as enshrined in 63(b) of the 2013 Constitution which says:
Every person has the right to participate in the cultural life of their choice.

It must also be brought to the President's attention that Mthwakazi region (Matebeleland & Midlands provinces) and the rest of Zimbabwe will never enjoy genuine peace until and unless the cultural values and customs of the Ndebele people are genuinely observed in Zimbabwe. The President must also note that our Chiefs were appointed by our nation founder King

Mzilikazi and later King Lobhengula and not by the government which brings us to the point that our traditional structure is NOT complete without the Ndebele King. Therefore, the Heir to the throne King Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo must be allowed to fill his great- grandfather's shoes. We want to also assure the President that the King doesn't pose no threat to Zimbabwe government or any political formation but will work to uplift the norms and traditions of the Ndebele people. We feel we have been unfairly treated under independent Zimbabwe because the colonial settlers destroyed our Monarch and took away our land yet the present day government is also resisting its restoration.

It boggles one's mind to try to understand what benefits are there for the country to choose to oppress a mere culture of a section of its citizens and live in constant suspicion than to walk a path of peace by allowing all its citizens to freely practice their cultures.

The President needs to meet with genuine Ndebele nation elders, Chiefs and leaders in person to iron out any issues he might have with the Ndebele nation because we feel like orphans, rather than to keep on provoking the Ndebele people in belief that he will scare the Ndebele nation to submission.
The President should be reminded once more that the revival and the restoration of Ndebele Kingdom within the Republic of Zimbabwe will not mean a two state or two centres of power but a much better peaceful Zimbabwe. The revival of the Ndebele kingship is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Junior Ngwenya - IButho leNqama Chairman
Sidumo Sikhosana - IButho leNqama Secretary General Email -
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Twitter - @IButho leNqama
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Source - Junior Ngwenya & Sidumo Sikhosana
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