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Sweet smelling Zumbani has stolen the limelight

28 Jan 2021 at 17:07hrs | Views
This wild fruit 'Mbhambhara', it's in seasons as we speak. Looking much like the famed olives, milky like Amarula but with a distant blend of sweet/sour taste.

The tree with little shiney leaves is ever green and when with fruit, can be fully laden much to the herdboy's delight and a soothing fruity snack to the weary traveller.

The wanton cutting down of trees has seen most wild fruit trees getting extinct, resulting in wildlife human conflict like never seen before. Primates now freely range around villages scavenging for food since their God given source has been ravaged by man.

Another endangered wild fruit species 'Nhunguru' is also bordering on extinction since coming across one is now great feat and abundant luck. Wildlife now ventures into homesteads to pick choice mangoes and juicy Avocados.

Why not live in harmony with nature and let the good times roll? Big game has since moved away or simply fell prey to indiscriminate hunting. Those tasked to look after and preserve wildlife are now hunting with the hounds and running with the hare. Who shall guard the guard?

If left unchecked, very soon Africa will have no hedgehogs, elephants, flora and fauna to talk about.

Tourism is dying a little each day, man is literally causing his own demise. May the little delicious mbhambhara fruit live to see another generation. Zumbani has pulled off the rug from the feet of much herbs and wild green tea.

The evil advent of Coronavirus has seen Zumbani being the talk of town and country. Aromatherapy with Zumbani is said to give the virus marching orders.

Need I say more, sweet smelling Zumbani. Mask up, sanitise and observe social distancing.

Covid-19 is still with us and us with it.

Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo Murisa
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