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Biti's attack on people of Chipinge deserve utmost condemnation from all civilised people

16 Mar 2021 at 15:48hrs | Views

The recent unsanctioned comments by MDC Alliance vice president, Tendai Biti, deserve utmost condemnation from all civilised people.

The comments were not only offensive, but very tribalistic and discriminatory as they were targeted at people from a particular area.

Chipinge is a district located in Manicaland Province in the eastern part of Zimbabwe and is a hub of economic, social and cultural life.

The province is home to some of Zimbabwe's greatest heroes who have contributed immeasurably to the liberation of Zimbabwe.

Biti needs to recognise that the history of Zimbabwe is incomplete without the contributions and sacrifices of heroes such Didymus Mutasa, Ndabaningi Sithole and others.

Biti as a lawyer should have recognised the inherent link between morality and the law. Biti is expected to know the gravity of the moral sins he committed against the good people of  Chipinge.

It's worrisome that Zimbabwe as a country is dying morally due to failure and insensitivity to the cultural, ethnic, religious and social settings. The youths in Zimbabwe are expected to learn from social, political and religious leadership that lead by example and setting the right tone and using decent and acceptable language in public.

Biti claims that he was playing (chisahwira) with Professor Madhuku and whilst he may indeed be a sahwira to Madhuku — Madhuku is not Chipinge although he comes from there.

It's intolerable to insult the people of Chipinge and his apology from an affluent office in Harare is incomplete without visiting the chiefs in Chipinge to pay a traditional fine, (kuripa).  It is important that political leadership in Zimbabwe be aware that attaining political power or status is not a licence or platform to discriminate and humiliate people of Chipinge due to their geographical location.

The people of Zimbabwe have been subjected to unhelpful, offensive utterances which are offensive to social cohesion and development.

It must be known that witchcraft is a practice that is culturally and societally sinful and those found guilty of these practices are subjected to traditional and cultural punishment or banished. This practice is common or is regarded as common among most African communities, but its actual existence is subject to rigorous debate. How can Biti label the entire inhabitants of Chipinge witches?

We need to respect of our Shona tradition, equal opportunity, human dignity and respect of different cultures in Zimbabwe.

The people of Chipinge deserve respect, dignity and equality and Biti should not insult them but should forsake his toxic and careless talk.  

Zimbabwe belongs to all Zimbabweans and there is no better Zimbabwean than the other.

Advocate Prinsloo

T. Kandemiiri

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