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An open letter to Victor Matemadanda

28 Mar 2021 at 12:07hrs | Views
Dear Mr Matemadanda,

Hope this letter find you in good health wherever you are and I believe you are enjoying every minute of your heartbeat.

I really know that you are a real war veteran, son of the soil, a distinguished decorated retired soldier with many gongs, accolades and honours which you obtained during the liberation struggle.

I know in comradeship you fought side by side with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga and proved that you were such a very powerful cadre, hence they chose you to be the Deputy Minister of Defence in their government. I know it was done out of merit and not patronage or clansmaship. You are a very competent somebody.

I hear a lot of naysers and mafikizolos calling you all sorts of names like foul mouthed Victor Matemadanda who was always at loggerheads with the opposition has been thrown under the bus by the very person whom he rallied behind and helped in the removal of Robert Mugabe in the November 2017 coup.

I tried to connect the dots on the reason why the Hounourable President relieved you of your very important duties in the revolutionary party and the reason was not satisfying at all. I was left shell shocked to hear that the President said you were very incompetent. Why did he assign an incompetent leader like you? I also doubt his competency as well.

I pray for you, our beloved ZANU PF national political commissar and deputy Minister of Defense Cde Victor Matemadanda as you take on your new ambassadorial post in Mozambique. Yours is a promotion not a demotion as you come at par in pecks with the likes of James Maridadi

I vividly remember that other day when you were poisoned and later survived. These people hate you and they do not want to see your success and therefore you must always watch your back.

I have been in Cabo Delgado Province Pemba Nanyimbi in Mozambique. It is such a good country which is bubbling with peace serve for these disturbances in the province. Their politics is different from ours which is full of hate. You are going to learn a lot from them.

My piece of advice is that go and hold yourself than being a political rabble rouser and motormouth which you were exhibiting here in Zimbabwe. Don't ever try to interfere with their domestic politics.

Before you go make sure that you go through some etiquettes on how to hold such a post so that you won't be found wanting again. I trust with your nostalgic intelligentsia you are going to make it.

During the time of the old dispensation Robert Mugabe also fired you and when you see two different coaches firing you, that means you must self introspect and correct the mistakes. Zimbabwe does not belong to the war veterans only or either to the revolutionary party.

I will remember you with your previous presser where you were all over Nelson Chamisa accusing him of being a tyranny and advising members of the opposition to vote for Douglas Mwonzora as their leader was something unheard of in politics.

Yours son of the soil


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Source - Leonard Koni
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