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An Attack on Dr Guduza - MLF President by Nomazulu Thata

23 May 2021 at 18:46hrs | Views
Dear Mam Thata
I finished reading your article on Bulawayo24, which was paraded as an Open Letter to Dr Guduza, MLF President. Your response was a reaction to an article, that Dr Guduza had written condemning the violation of the human rights of prisoners by the Zimbabwean government. Little did the people know that, you as an ambassodor of the Lucific zanu pf regime, based in German, you would find it within your rights to represent zanu at the expense of the voices of reason. Now, take a tour of the following:

1. If normalcy could return, you would refrain from defending zanu because, it does not only soil your person, but devastatingly destroys you. No sane person from the "countries" in Zimbabwe can defend zanu and remain respectable in the communities.

2. You must learn to do your research perfectly before waffling to the public. Who is Israel Dube? MLF has no Israel Dube in its files,let alone, in the history of MLF. Where did you fish that name from and buttress him to MLF as Information Secretary? Trade carefully as you defend and receive the blood money from your soiled master.

3. Nomazulu, could you bring up those articles by an unknown Israel Dube of MLF, which threaten the Mthwakazi peoples. If you produce those articles, then you will be a great person within zanu pf, but if you cannot, then your job in zanu pf is on the line.

4. You write,"I wish to let you know that we take your threats profoundly serious and for this reason, we have documented all articles that have been written by Israel exposing your Mthwakazi MLF organisation....We leave nothing to chance, we shall not have a situation repeating itself..."Nomagugu, who is threatening who, here? As an extension of the Lucific zanu, you use the Lucific coated verbiage to threaten not only Dr Guduza the MLF President and your fanthomed Israel Dube who you have accorded an MLF Information Secretariat but you also threaten the Mthwakazi peoples. You play the Lucific zanu pf game of threatening people with unspecified actions in this time and age. You are a disgrace, to tell the truth. You must know that, threatening peoples is a dangerous thing to do. Intentions of harming others, may turn out to be used against you in future. You are living somewhere on Earth, not underground. We are watching you, as you outgrow your ego. Threaten no-one. MLF has never and will never threaten anyone. Let that be known to you. Revisit your collection of articles and check properly-then do the right thing, that is, retract your garbiage against MLF and Mthwakazi peoples.

5. The examples you gave about the evil civil wars that have been witnessed in the countries you have selected, those being South Sudan,  DRC and Mozambique, suit your warped mentality as you fail to mention what your Lucific zanu pf did during their "moments of madness"-which they still suffer from to date, -indescriminately butchering of the Mthwakazi peoples in what is known in the world as the Gukurahundi Genocide, which ran from 1963 to date. Failure to recognise that, pits you to a  bootlicker of the very system which is known in the world for gross human rights abuses. Please stop your games. They are sour. We dont want to be provoked by you.

6. Once again, you threaten Mthwakazi with unspecified action. Here is the evidence-,"What is taking place in the neighbouring Mozambique is telling us that your threats are real and for this we need to warn the very organisations you have mentioned about what is to be expected in Matabeleland should you manage to get independence from Zimbabwe." That is dangerous Nomagugu. Play your games carefully. 

7. You go ahead and say,"There is no revolution that uses force and coercion as the means to get power and oppress the people ...." It is hoped that when you wrote this statement, you had forgotten that it is the game that your Lucific zanu pf regime is gifted in. Now you want to turn around and use it against others. Shame on you.

8. You must know that, the right to write the world orgnisations letters informing Of anything, is not a right bestowed on you only. Anybody or organisation can do it and do it successfully. You must know that, your Lucific zanu pf, is known the world over for all the wrong reasons. Represenring it in any platform in the world, is as good as soiling yourself. So your utterances have revealed a soiled Nomagugu Thata of the Lucific zanu pf.

9. It is on record that MLF has never intended to split your nation, but has vividly stated that, its mission is to RESTORE MTHWAKAZI. You need lessons for you to understand what a nation is, what is it that we are talking about when we say we want to RESTORE MTHWAKAZI. Zimbabwe has nations in it in as much as it also has countries in it.

10. MLF is also on record that it will never ever secede any land from Zimbabwe. Secession carries violence, evil civil wars and other vices. What is good about secession, however, is that it helps solve some political issues and alert the world about what is happening in the lands where it is happening as well as exposing political deliquents in those lands. MLF will use all universally acceptable strategies to RESTORE MTHWAKAZI-and the direct confrontation will be the last option to take place if need be. So there is no violence as stated by Nomagugu that MLF will engage in. You lied madam Thata.

11. Nomagugu, I know you follow news. I hope you got the news that,Zimbabwe joined the U.N. ‘Wall of Shame' as it voted against the resolution to stop genocide. This was done under the auspices of the U.N. General Assembly. It was about taking measures that would seek to protect vulnerable populations against "genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity." Your zanu pf, simply voted against that, meaning that, your zanu pf still wants to pursue its demonic act of butchering people and continuing not to observe human rights. For a record, Mthwakazi citizens, are not safe from such a government. Then, your abuse of Dr Guduza, the MLF President, obviously choosing to support zanu pf is really disgusting. Sometimes there is need to have some people's IQ checked.

12. In conclusion, you must choose perfectly the battles you ought to engage in. Dont be used and then forget what you must do and not do. Its so easy to soil oneself in political scenarios when you are not careful. Stay advised and also do the right thing to retract your ill advised statement against Dr Guduza, MLF President and MLF itself.

Thank You!

C.K. Nyoni
MLF Info & Publicity/Spokesperson

Source - CK Nyoni
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