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Conqueror of Worms - Zimbabwe Soldiers

25 Sep 2021 at 09:25hrs | Views
I am writing this observation as someone who participated in the war of liberation struggle. Anyone who went through the trials and tribulations of Chimurenga war will be dismayed by the soldier of today. Instead of serving the people of Zimbabwe, our soldiers have abandoned all the army values and are now the biggest threat to the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean soldiers must have shame; they have a creed that must be respected yet it is very unfortunate today that the Zimbabwe army creed will make perfect sense if the word "Soldier" is replaced by "murderous thief"; and "member of a team" was replaced by a "member of a murderous gangster"

It is very unfortunate that our country have descended into such indiscipline at the hands of trained soldiers.

They call themselves conquerors but I will call them conquerors of worms; they are physically and mentally weak. They target civilians in the middle of the night to steal, murdering some, maiming some, and raping some in the process. These are the people they are supposed to serve and protect. Cowards!! Why not show up during the day? Why not confront the real source of your pain? Ask for a living wage instead of killing innocent people so you can supplement your meagre salaries.

It makes me wonder how a whole security institution fail to account for arms and equipment being used to kill and maim hard working civilians? What is more appalling is the leadership is looking on the other side giving lip-service while civilians are being killed or cowed into tight corners where they are prepared to remain silent or perish in the cover of darkness.

I personally demand from our leaders, if they are real, to rein in on these thieving and murderous soldiers to stop it so I continue to enjoy peace and my way of life. Collecting money from Western Union, driving a nice car, living in a nice house, selling cows, etc. are now a big threat to my life from the murderous thieving soldiers.

Sincerely Yours,

Cde Ndugu

Source - Cde Ndugu
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