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Marry Chiwenga: tell us how Mnangagwa used you to eliminate Chiwenga: we help if we know facts nor riddles

01 Nov 2021 at 00:12hrs | Views
Dear Marry Chiwenga;
We cannot assist you arguing your case on riddles-based evidence: Tell us how much Mnangagwa abused you in your case with Chiwenga first. Remember you have nothing to lose in this case you can only win if you get courage to tell activists exactly what transpired between you, your husband Chiwenga and Mnangagwa. To tell us in riddles about your story with your cruel husband will not assist you and your children. We are not at all privy of what really happened; what has led to a case that involves murder charges and money laundering: charges that are serious according to the law.
You assume that we know, and you want us to assist you as activists, in retrospect we don't know much; only what is written on social media. Remember the danger women activists at home can be subjected to if they took your case on board. Your doctors are a classic case: they were threatened by your husband Chiwenga not so long ago for providing your medical condition to courts so that you are exempted from attending court proceedings but be heard on your behalf by your lawyers since you can hardly walk on your own.
We can only speculate what happened based on the media knowledge that selectively write riddles to conceal facts. If I were in your boots today, I would rather I told the world the truth about how women are used and abused by our Zimbabwean men in various aspects of our lives. Mnangagwa has left you to hang to dry. I doubt even if you tell us that Chiwenga has more power than Mnangagwa hence the president cannot assist you in your dire situation is of any assistance to activists to consider your case. The situation demands from you to be courageous enough tell the world about your case based on facts on not riddles.
 Dear Marry tell us more. Tell us how Mnangagwa used you to plan to eliminate Chiwenga at his sick bed in South Africa. Where you sent by Mnangagwa to do what you did, to remove life-supporting tubes on your husband? Are we to buy the narrative that Bulawayo bombings had a lot to do with Chiwenga and Mnangagwa? Remember too that your situation is so dire that if you told the truth, you would not get extra judiciary charges: the charges against you are already bad enough.

Dear Marry, we ask you to exemplary break this culture of silence in our communities, a culture that perpetuates men privileges and entitlement. If you think you were used by the President to eliminate Chiwenga say it as it is. You will be surprised to realize that nothing will happen to you. I am passionate about your case: I have written several articles with the hope that your case can be reviewed differently: we have a cruel government that has no qualms about using a woman to square their power-struggles. We are privy of Chiwenga-Mnangagwa tug of wars immediately after the coup of 2017. We speculate that you may have been used to remove Chiwenga from the power matrix. The innocence of a young woman does not know the dirty work of these liberation movements: you may have sent by the most powerful with the hope that Mnangagwa was to honour his promise giving you those cars and security details. Remember Sibusiso Moyo is now a Mushakabvu.

You are not the only one who have been left in the mud and mire dear. You are lucky you are alive but in a serious medical condition. Many young women have been used in similar situations whereby powerful politicians had to be eliminated using unsuspecting women: the very women were later eliminated to conceal all evidence of what would have transpired in the killings and counter killings. Take the case of General Solomon Mujuru. Rumour has it that he was spotted with the assistance of a young girl, and she was later eliminated on that day Mujuru died to conceal evidence. We believe these narratives; we know the modus operandi of Zanu PF in the struggle for independence.

Both Chiwenga and Mnangagwa continue to enjoy the fruits of the coup of November 2017, but you languish in total despair: I cannot even imagine how you feel, deprived of seeing your children: Children living in the same town together with you but without access to their mother; how cruel can it go? The mighty powerful husband Chiwenga is hell bent to effect maximum punishment on you and the children equally. There is total absent of respect of the rights of a child to her mother. Your last show Marry for your sake and those of your children is to tell it all and never miss this opportunity.

Painfully, your story will be a textbook case to many young women out there. They will learn to empower themselves and never to depend on the power and pecks of privileges that go with marrying a rich divorced man. You did not do your homework to find out why Joycelyn Chiwenga divorced Chiwenga. That should have informed you about Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga as a potential husband. A divorced Zimbabwe man has a lot of garbage: you do not just jump into such men because of fame and riches. I am sorry to say this because it would appear as if I were putting blame on you. I hold no judgement in your case dear Marry but as activists we have the duty to warn the growing up girls to be wiser in their choices of future partnerships.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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