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Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni stay put in the UK: We have had enough suspicious killings in Zimbabwe

20 Dec 2021 at 22:20hrs | Views
Kuwe Nkosi Ndiweni,

It is not a secret that I am not your favourite subject. I have critiqued you at every angle. However, I hate to see your life on the line. Going back to Zimbabwe means death to you. That government has no qualms to end your life. You have been an open critique of this government of Zanu PF. It is good to show this raw courage. Remember your subjects at Ntabayezinduna they need you. Please Nhlanhlayamagwe, spare us the trauma of losing you so carelessly. You will be murdered by this regime. Not long ago we witnessed a death that was suspicious to comprehend; death by a fire in a spacious flat not very far from the Statehouse where Mnangagwa stays: signs are that the banker Munetsi was murdered and did not die by fire accident. Please take heed.

We are enlightened and rejoicing; the courageous Chief from Masvingo has shocked the nation, telling his nephew Mnangagwa that he is surrounded by criminals. I am sure the honourable Chief chose his wording carefully to suit his critiques but was spot on in every word he said. He eloquently told it all that is going wrong in this country: The population is impoverished in a country full of milk and honey. Criminals are benefiting from diamond revenues meant to uplift the citizens with its resources. Spot on!

It is the foreigners coming to loot at the behest of a clueless government, Zanu PF, a party that is not only criminal in executing their power with ruthless arms in dealing with dissenting voices. How does a Chinese come to Zimbabwe, orders villagers to vacate ancestral lands because they want to swindle our resources? How stupid can Zanu PF be? I am not talking about billions of revenues stashed in Chinese banks sustaining a giant global economy and we on the other hand languishing in dire poverty. We are tired of these criminals! Said Chief Murinye. Spot on! We demand a revolution now and remove criminals in the party and the entire government.

I would advise to take threats General Chiwenga has made against Chief Murinye seriously. Those utterances are real: Chiwenga is a living fool by all account: To tell us we have a Munhumutapa establishment is idiocy of the highest order, we should be ashamed to have Chiwenga as a nation's leader. You do not need to be told by me how murderous this regime is. There is no trace of Ubuntu in them, you know this. We have an autocratic Zanu regime that feeds on the blood of its enemies.

Chiwenga must be told that he will not live forever: he will leave behind those guns that supress us, oppress us. It could be that, according to Marry his wife his bedroom practices are dysfunctional hence he vents his anger on Chief Murinye. He has found in Chief Murinye a culprit to vomit his anger on if he cannot! Chiwenga must be told to leave our Chief alone. We are indeed proud of him. His name will go in history books about his absolute bravery to stand tall against a barbaric government: He is taking the bull by the horns: Chief Murinye is at the service of his people, and the nation; he makes me proud to be Zimbabwean, he put pride on my face. I thank him dearly for that.

Dear Nhlanhla, for the judiciary to serve you with a warrant of arrest the moment you arrive home is to put pressure on you to come back. Please do not act under pressure Nhlanhla, you are next to go as we speak Mavhinga's death is questioned even by your friend Nelson Chamisa. Murders are concluded in the Sars-2 Covid as cover. When they arrest you and you land in Chikurubi prison you will not come back alive, mtaka Ndiweni.

The situation in southern Africa is not rosy, you may have read disturbances in Malawi too: the people of southern Africa want change. It is a question of time; Zimbabwe will take to the streets and will demand what belongs to them by right. You know how our son Siphosami Malunga is hounded from his farm like he does not belong to Zimbabwe. Siphosami whose father was one the cornerstones of Zimbabwe struggle for this country's independence; his son is treated like a lesser human being. Please take heed of these sad events, at best stay put where you are for the sake of Ntabayezinduna constituency that needs its paramount Chief alive and not dead.

We support Chief Murinye, and we wish several Chiefs would have the same courage to talk: Chiefs could be game changers in this dire situation. I am not from Masvingo, but to hear a Chief courageously telling all even threatening back, daring whoever thinks, including the Vice President Chiwenga, can eliminate him for daring to telling the truth about the dire straits Zimbabwe finds itself in; is no mean feat. I am deeply moved and proud of Chief Munyire. He is indeed a man among men.

Chief Murinye was devastated when he saw the life-styles of Mnangagwa' children: living lavishly at the detriment of most of the people who hardly eke a two-day decent meal for their children. Curiously, our political leaders love courting envy on lesser citizens.

How many street children do we have in Zimbabwe? Mnangagwa spites at them by giving one a fiver: it is said on his entourage, he opened his lavish car window, threw money to a street child who thanked him profoundly. This act is as good as the whole president of Zimbabwe urinating at street children. Even the war veterans are sent to remind prison for demonstrating against injustices of the current government. Zvikomborero Haruzivishe is in prison for his bravery; he challenged the cruel regime. Chances are, he will not come back alive, I fear this; we can as well start mourning him, we shall lose him: even the opposition MDC-Alliance is not assisting in his realise for reasons we know. Haruzivishe is above average son of the soil. His capabilities are known intellectually he dwarfs Chamisa.

Please stay where you are, you are doing a lot anywhere in the UK by putting pressure on the UK government not to recognize the second dispensation of Mnangagwa for reasons that what he says are not what he does. Engage with the international community where you are: tell them we have the most brutal regime in Mnangagwa's hands: worse than Mugabe dispensation.

Chief Ndiweni, I am not a friend of yours, you know. But all the same I hate it if Zanu PF tempers with your life. You are not safe in Zimbabwe. It was courageous already to have left soon and please, for the time being stay put. Mafukufuku Joshua Nkomo left Zimbabwe at the height of Gukurahundi atrocities. He never demonstrated to us wrong courage when he was facing imminent danger by staying put. Mugabe would have murdered him easily.

This history, you know dear Nhlanhla. I could be a lesser subject not worth listening to, but I respect life and will do it to anyone: I have openly spoke about Chamisa when Zanu PF declared him a terrorist; this is Zanu modus operandi, to reduce their target first to a lesser being by calling them names before elimination. The Matabeles were declared cockroaches and then it was easy to go for a killing frenzy: In the mindset of a Zanu murderer, they were eradicating cockroaches in their midst.

Best regards and a restful Christmas season I wish you:

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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