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Vapostori seek recognition by Food Companies in Zimbabwe

22 Dec 2021 at 07:45hrs | Views
Date: 08 December 2021

Dear Marketing and Sales Management

It is with Joy and good faith that we open our introduction and offer our humble services to your company.

Apostolic Product Certification Zimbabwe has developed a world first certification process which identifies that products produced by your company are in fact able to be consumed by the followers of the Vapostori faith across with a clear conscience.

Apostolic Product Certification Zimbabwe is confident that many Vapostori will seek products that bear our Organization registered Trade Mark upon food products. For many years the success and growth of third party certifications has been observed and while this is a great outcome for consumers to purchase products based on their internal beliefs and conscience, the factual large group of Indigenous Apostolic consumers who remain unrepresented in this field, until now have risen to voluntarily ask for recognition 

Therefore, it is with Grace that we open a new opportunity for companies to include the observant Vapostori when deciding to ensure your products are acceptable for the many other demographics of Zimbabweans your products are compatible for. The process to obtain Vapostori certification is similar to the majority of existing certifications yet has Vapostori/ Levitical / Pentatuechal laws observance at core.

This is the way to attract the largest demographic of Zimbabwe to your products while promoting unity and inclusion across our great land. Our team would be pleased to share our process and fees for services provided, this can be either by a quick call or email to show interest and or arrange a meeting to learn more.

This is a new and exiting intuitive brought forward  now to join the successful certification market and assist companies to sell more products annually. While also addressing the concerns many in our Vapostori community hold in relation to certified food.

Once certification is finalized our religious Organization then promotes certified products and the companies producing them to our broad consumer market by creating awareness that companies who gain certification also care deeply for the Vapostori consumer, thus ensuring less people feel left out when deciding on what they should or can purchase while shopping.. We Strongly believe Vapostori food laws should be observed during the manufacturing  of  food products , voluntarily observed by us the Indigenous Vapostori citizens, to us , for us just like what other minorities religious Certification bodies are doing for their people.

Apostolic Product Certification Zimbabwe is open, honest and transparent in all our dealings and are simply offering the use of our registered Trade Mark for appearance on certified product packaging provided our guidelines can competently and respectfully be adhered to. Our Trade Marks are registered for use upon a broad range of common food items and looks amazing alongside other Trade marks your company has displayed on existing products or we can be the first to certify representing our customers base of Vapostori who are genuinely the biggest demographic in Zimbabwe 

We feel this new addition to the long list of certification's available in todays market will have a great affect and positive outcomes for all involved by,  

# Promoting unity and acceptance
# Showing that your products are also acceptable for the observant Vapostori consumer.
# Opening new avenues and marketing opportunity 
# Bringing your business into the light!
If you feel that you could accommodate our Mark on manufactured items, then we would feel blessed to work with you at your convenience. Our companies Mark is designed to appeal to the followers of Vapostori across Zimbabwe and is not limited for use on products that have existing religious certifications only. 

Best Regards 
Chairman & Founder
Apostolic Product Certification of Zimbabwe 

Source - Obey Mapuranga
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