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Open Letter to Tsvangirai's Ex-Lover

09 Jan 2014 at 18:12hrs | Views


I write with disgust at the news that you (Tsvangirayi’s supposed ex concubine) are publishing a book to “advice other women about Tsvangirai.” I am a woman and I know for a fact that I will not be taking any advice from you

Regina, as you rightly put it, from the start, you knew about the other women Tsvangirai was seeing and it does not seem to have bothered you you were just too confident that you would grab the crown and end up 1st Lady of our beloved country Zimbabwe!!!Hahahahahah ohhh silly wishful thinking!!! I do not mean to insult you, but you are insulting yourself a lot through these flimsy efforts to become a Monica Lewinsky!!

Ok, this is what I have against you, oh and against all the other women linked to Tsvangirai! You all knew about each other yet still expected to be the only one and for him to be faithful to you alone. Unlike some married men who cheated on their wives, Tsvangirai was a single man looking for a partner I do not agree with how he went about his search BUT you willingly cooperated knowing you were not the only one. It seems to me the only reason you are trying to bring the man down and I do say trying is because you did not win. Elizabeth Macheka beat you all to the race. Oh and I may write someday to Elizabeth on how she has totally displayed a lack of 1st lady characteristics. Allow me to divert a bit here, but in as much as a loathe Grace Mugabe when it comes to keeping her private life private she is a champion (See how she does not disclose details about her or his supposed extra marital affairs to the public), and that is part of what we are looking for in a 1st lady. And I did say part, because again she fails short if she can stand as 1st lady and play a strong hand in ruining the beloved country. But sorry to bother you with other women stories, back to you Regina,

You willingly had unprotected sex with a man you knew was seeing other women (don’t bother denying it you admitted yourself that you used to discuss the likes of Locardia!) I pity you, how desperate were you really? Where is your sense of self value? In these days of HIV/AIDS, haaaa come on girl did you want the 1st seat of Zimbabwe that bad?

Yes in 2008 I would have voted for Morgan Tsvangirai to be the president of Zimbabwe, and yes a few months back I would still vote for him! Like many Zimbabweans who know that what is sitting in the state house is not what they voted for, I am disappointed. But wise people have learnt to separate the politician from the human being. I ask you Regina, can you honestly say you have never cheated on a man before whether emotionally or physically? Because if you can say so, then I applaud you for being a good woman but if you have what you have simply done is to open up the veil of YOUR private life for all to start scrutinising you. You opened up a can of worms that will forever be written in history books as “the desperate woman who badly wanted to be 1st lady of Zimbabwe andhad unprotected sex in apastor’s housewith a man she knew was seeing other women.” I pity you: dignity and integrity are clearly not your strongest qualities.

I do not mean to bash you and I know what I am saying may not settle well with many feminists but guess what, YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!! Did you even bother go for an HIV test with the man? Hear me well, I am not saying Morgan was right in all he did, he was wrong to sleep with all of you and promise marriage. BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOURSELF! Many die of HIV and sue for it and win cases but it does not change the fact that YOU ALSO HAD A RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOURSELF. I am not at all saying you or Tsvangirai are HIV positive I do not know that.
So here is what is going to happen, you are going to publish your book, we will read the juicy parts and laugh, we will be laughing at you, at him and at them. You may get a few interviews on important broadcasts, but that will never give you back what you lost…. Well you kind of did not lose it because it was never rightfully yours to start off with. And like I said, we will remember you as “the woman that badly wanted to be 1st lady and had unprotected sex with a man who was seeing other women and got bitter when Elizabeth married him!

I guess the damage is done, you cant take back your book, but don’t lie that the world rejected you, lets be clear on that Tsvangirai rejected you and HE IS NOT THE WORLD!!! If you know how to get in touch with all Tsvangirai’s other women, please tell them to stop playing the victim, for those that were supposedly too young to date him, were you forced to say yes? Did you not know that he was your father or grandfather’s age? Did you not know that he was seeing other women? If at least you cant be honest to the world, be honest to yourselves, did you really love him or you loved what he stood for and what he could become more?

That been said, please give this message to Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai for me: I do not condone you sleeping with all these women and promising things you could not give (If that is what really happened). But I also realise that you stole nobody’s wife like some big people we know! Your private life should never have been any of our business. I don’t know what’s going to happen between you are Elizabeth, but if you love her and she loves you, fix this, stop talking to the media about your private life. But if it is really over, take your time there is no rush in Africa. And this time, pick a woman with a heart as that of Susan who loved you when you were nothing and loved you unto death (if the rumours we hear are true that she was killed because of you). And please condomise sir if status is unknown or positive. Thank you for being the 1st brave man to fight against our detrimental current system. To some you failed, but to me, you opened the way for so many others to now be brave and take part in the fight. You lost a lot, too much I think thank you. You are a man amongst other men. You have made serious mistakes too, please learn from them. I honestly still want to see you become president of the republic of Zimbabwe, but even if that never happens, you fought the good fight go in peace!

And to fellow Zimbabweans, take heart, it shall be well, if not through Tsvangirai, God will raise another who has not caused the deaths of many and looted more.

Regina, your life is not over; you are not a terrible mistake. Pick yourself up and do it right this time. Tsvangirai made mistakes, so did you. Take the blame that is yours and give him the blame that is his but do not pretend to be an angel in all this.

Yours Sincerely,
Frustrated by women that play victims when they should have known better.
(Abacid Xiyeza)

Source - Abacid Xiyeza
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