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A letter to all women in Zimbabwe in preparation for the grand boycott!

07 Feb 2015 at 15:32hrs | Views
International Women Day 8th March 2015

 "Passive resistance"

Dear fellow citizens of Zimbabwe, dear women and girls of Zimbabwe, dear Zimbabwe women of color. Our time has come to change the political situation in our home country forever.  The month of March, starting from the 8th of March, we women of color are going to bring the government of Zanu PF down by staying away from work except nurses. Please do not march to the streets because you will be harmed by the ruthless army of Mugabe government. We are going to use what the human rights activist Dr. Luther King called "passive resistance." We want the revolution to be without any drop of blood and this is why we advise you all to stay home, stay put. Please boycott going to work the whole of this month until the regime is fallen. We can make it if we are united in this. Our reasons and objectives must be clear why we are taking this action, passive resistance to avoid blood spilling in our streets. We feel nurses and doctors should continue to work to serve lives in hospitals. We are not fighting our fellow citizens but we are fighting the rogue government of Zanu PF.

Reasons for the total boycott: passive resistance

"Women and children are experiencing more acute poverty in Zimbabwe than in any other country. The number of children suffering from malnutrition has risen to levels not recorded in the country's history.

Families headed by women are now very common and experience higher levels of poverty than those headed by men. Most Zimbabwean children are not getting even basic primary education. Educational structures have collapsed. Reintroduction of school fees has made primary education almost unattainable for most children, who cannot pay fees in foreign currency. The number of street children in all large towns in Zimbabwe has risen to unprecedented levels. The hardships of life mean mothers and fathers have become less sensitive to the basic needs of their own offspring. A nation with a street population of the magnitude we have in Zimbabwe cannot prosper, because the nation has lost one of its most vital resources: the children who are the future. People with mental and physical handicaps are not given the help they need. People suffering from HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe are advised to have sex with very young girls and sometimes with babies, to rid themselves of the disease." Young girls: as young as 13 to 14 years are sent for early marriages to alleviate hunger in most rural areas.

Boys are now preferred to go to schools than girls because of bare poverty in woman headed homes. Girls will still forfeit schools if they are on monthly periods because they do not have simple sanitary pads. Food insecurities in most parts of Matabeleland and Midlands are not addresses by the government, it's done selectively, given to those they think they support Zanu PF. The systematic killings that happened in the early 1980s where by 20,000 people of Mathebeleland and Midlands perished, the brutal execution of the farm invasions of the year 2000, the Murambatsvina of 2005, and the brutal killings of the 2008 elections time that saw thousand lose their lives using the killing code: Mavotera papi? Dear women of color these are our genuine objectives why we want this regime to go. Further the First Lady of the land has amassed wealth using diamond returns and has multiple farms, and she has of late made 200 families homeless in Mazowe area just to put animals in the area. This should irk us all dear women and girls to do something, we cannot watch this crazy bioscope in our midst and look on. We are not protected by this government at all, our young women and girls are raped, every 90 minutes, a young girl or young woman is sexually assaulted by sick men who think they can cure AIDS by raping virgins, thereby infecting them further with the deadly virus. This Zanu government is patriarchal; you know how Mai Mujuru was ripped of her post as VP. This is evidence of how women are used, abused and dumped when they are no longer needed. (I am not condoning faults in Mai Mujuru, I am looking at her as a woman, and how she got used and abused by men in her party)  There is no water, no electricity in most towns and cities of Zimbabwe, if at all very unreliable. If there was water, raw sewage will be running right inside the most densely populated townships in all cities of Zimbabwe, and children will be playing in the mud sewage! Unemployment is running at 90% of the working group margin. Companies are relocating to their countries because their Zimasset is unsustainable to make business. Flood victims are left on their own and unattended by the government, instead whatever donations that are done in their name, the goods and money are looted by disgraceful officials without shame! Hundreds of young people have drowned or attacked by crocodiles and got eaten while trying to cross the Limpopo River seeking better life in South Africa as cheap laborers. The economy can shut down anytime now as the government has clue.  

I therefore ask you women of color to prepare for this boycott by stuffing our kitchens with food so that we do not need to go out shopping during that time as you will be victimized by this brutal regime, Keep out of danger and stay home.  

Objectives: our passive resistance

We are tired and angry and something must be done to alleviate suffering in our land. The situation in Zimbabwe cannot go on like this. We wish ourselves a good government that will guarantee us good living conditions for all citizens without fear of tribalism and racialism, as summarized below:
Respect women and men as equals, in accordance with the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights. Honor and respect the rights of children. Stand up for the rights and liberties of women, women's protection, women's sexual independence and self-sufficiency. Eradicate all forms of violence against and exploitation of, women and girls.  End the exploitation of domestic servants. Make women and girls aware that health and education are basic human rights. Campaign against the sexual abuse of children and babies; sex offenders who pass on the disease HIV/AIDS should be treated as criminals. Their crime is a crime against humanity!
Prosecute pedophiles and make Zimbabwe safe for children of all ages. Find the means to care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Develop programs to combat malaria, diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. Promote supplementary feeding programs for children in urban and rural schools to alleviate hunger in growing children. Develop programs that reduce child- and infant-mortality rates Develop the concept of compulsory lavatories in rural areas to improve hygiene, thus reducing water-borne diseases. Make clean water available equally in cities and rural areas. Provide compulsory and free primary and secondary education for all children of Zimbabwe. Promote the advancement and economic empowerment of women and girls.

During the boycott time of five days in a row, the whole of March starting from the 8th of March, the International Women's Day, women of color will be asked to fast. All the people we know and respected even in bible times they fasted when they wanted God to hear their prayers. Usually when people fast they give up what they like most. In this case we ask all women of color to give up conjugal rights of the bedroom with our spouses. You heard me properly, no sex for those days stretch when we are boycotting work. Because men have let us down on so many occasions we now wish to express our power base and potential by saying no to sex them until there is some semblance of a solution on the ground. It has happened before in other countries let it happen in Zimbabwe too.

Please be on the watch out for information every week until the 8th of March 2015 on Nehanda Radio. In the meantime please do stuff up the kitchen with food so that you do not go our during the boycott days! We mean business it is not a play in the garden, we are serious! Enough is enough!

Ndini Chirikadzi chenyu
Yimi Ugogo omncane
Nomazulu Thata

Yes we can!

Nomazulu Thata is a political activist who resides in Germany. She is a senior member of the party Zunde: the Deputy National Chairperson. This call to boycott is a call to all women citizens of Zimbabwe of all political parties and non political oriented persons, it is therefore nowhere in conflict with her party Zunde position and aspirations. She can be contacted on:

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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