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Open letter to UK Prime Minister Hon Theresa May

04 Aug 2016 at 14:33hrs | Views
Dear Madam

Ref; Don't tarnish the image of your government by re-engaging the Oppressive Zimbabwean government.
Madam Prime Minister I am delighted to write you this mail and it is my sincere hope that you will get time from your busy schedule to read this letter. My name is Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo (29) am a human right defender, democracy activist and a political writer from the Republic of Zimbabwe but currently in hiding outside the borders of my country. I am penning this letter from my hideout and it is my humble wish that your government will consider my advice. Maybe it might interest you Madam to know why I am in this predicament. I authored four political books criticizing gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity being committed by President Mugabe's government in Zimbabwe. Earlier this year I sent Mr Mugabe a prisoner's uniform marked 'Crimes Against Humanity' as a birthday present on his 92nd birthday in February this year. His brutal Gestapo started hunting for me a situation which made me flee the country for my safety. That is my humble background Madam and how I am paying the price for speaking against dictatorship in my country.

However I have noticed how President Mugabe's government is running around trying to re-engage your government and re-establish ties with London. Madam Prime Minister it is out of love and honour for the Great Britain that I seek to advise you never to tolerate President Robert Mugabe's autocratic government. I would not want a situation where you tarnish your legacy by extending your hand to Mugabe's hand which is dripping blood of innocent civilians. President Mugabe has done all he could (for the past thirty six years) to destroy Zimbabwe, oppress it's citizens and mute all dissenting voices by killing hundreds of human rights defenders and democracy activists. Elections are rigged every time and Mr Mugabe imposes himself against the will of the people. The ballot has lost its significance since Mr Mugabe elects himself through his rigging machinations. When the people try to raise their voices against stolen elections they risk getting killed by his Gestapo. Kleptocracy and corruption is the DNA of the government in Harare. They loot state coffers to fatten their personal pockets. As I write 15bn (fifteen billion USD) diamond money is missing from our state coffers but surprisingly no one was arrested or even questioned about it. A sign that President Mugabe is behind all this looting and kleptocracy. It is sad that our Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa came to London to try and solicit some funds for 'development' yet in actual fact it is for the ZANU PF elite to fatten their own pockets. Did you give them? I am sorry if you did because that is the same money which Mugabe will use to fund his terror groups which will go around terrorizing innocent civilians across Zimbabwe.

As long as President Mugabe and the ZANU PF government are still;
-Blocking a free and fair poll to take place in Zimbabwe.
-Crushing all dissenting voices and unlawfully arresting democracy activists like what they recently did on July 6 when thousands of Zimbabweans peacefully protested against their (ZANU PF) misrule.
-Failing to respect the constitution of Zimbabwe.
-Corrupt and providing impunity to kleptocrats who are destroying and aggravating the ailing Zimbabwe's economy.

-……and as long as President Mugabe has not yet made it clear when he is leaving power (succession plan)
Why would your adminstration tarnish its image by re-engaging such a tyranny? Madam Prime Minister the level of gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe and how the 92 year octogenarian leader Robert Mugabe is clinging to power at the expense of the suffering majority is worrisome Madam.

Honourable Prime Minister I would like to ask you to tell Zimbabwean diplomats who will be sent by Mr Mugabe to re-engage your adminstration to respect the rule of law and human rights in Zimbabwe as a prerequisite for whatever they will be asking from your government.

Mugabe's hands are dripping blood of innocent civilians I advise you not to shake such a hand Madam.
In summation Honourable Prime Minister, London imposed sanctions on Mugabe's adminstration due to gross human rights violations which are still happening even today. So what makes it worth for re-engagement today? I am not blackmailing my own country Madam, I love Zimbabwe but am just ashamed of my government. For the interest of millions of Zimbabweans who are being oppressed by the ZANU PF government, hundreds of human rights defenders who are in hiding like me due to their dissenting voice and dozens who are in prisons across Zimbabwe for peacefully marching (on the 6th of July) demanding accountability from the government; Please do not be charmed by President Mugabe into re-engaging his oppressive adminstration until and after they put genuine reforms on the ground which respects the will of people, rule of law, democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe.

May I wish you well in your new term as the British Prime Minister.

Sincerely Yours,
Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Snr
Human Rights Defender and Democracy Activist.
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Source - Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Snr
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