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A Letter To My Daughter (Part 3)

05 Nov 2016 at 09:12hrs | Views
Greetings my beloved daughter

Your mother tells me that you loved my last letter in which I was giving you advice concerning the issues of life, but I am still waiting for your response. Now here is my third letter, open your heart to wisdom and get understanding.

What is this that I am hearing, that you are so distressed in your marriage and you are on the verge a painful divorce and are even considering committing suicide? Oh my beloved daughter, consider my words now and get understanding.

For a start; why would you want to commit suicide saying that you cannot live without your husband. How did you live before he came into your life? If you were alive before he came into your life, what makes you think your cannot live after he leaves your life? You were living before you met him, you can therefore live if he leaves! I don't ever want to hear that suicide nonsense again. From this day henceforth, I would like you to get better not bitter.

As far as I am concerned there is only one man you cannot live without, His name is Jesus. He was sacrificed and crucified so that you can be justified and purified. You can always come out of any pit because of the Lord's pity and you can get out of any mess oh thanks to His mercy, you can surely get out of any crisis because of Christ and move from tribulation to jubilation. But let me warn you, this thing which your mother told me on the phone in my last conversation with her telling me that you feel too weak to even pray these days, is making me greatly concerned. Don't you know that he who does not pray before the Lord, is an easy prey before the devil? I would like you to seek the Lord's presence, not His presents. I know that you may be getting upset now thinking I am boring you with my preaching, but that is the secret to my success.

Secondly, I understand you are too hurt that your husband once betrayed your trust by sleeping with another woman. This is eating you up and tearing you apart. How I wish I was close to you at this difficult time, my work has kept me away from my family, but I will come soon. There is no other solution except to forgive your husband and give your relationship a chance. Yes, of course I know exactly what you are thinking. You are thinking that I don't understand the pain of betrayal and I think forgiveness is too easy because I am not in your shoes. Ok, now pay attention to this: Forgiveness is not that simple. Forgiveness is like taking thorns off from your flesh, it's a very tough short term operation, which leads to long term relief, inner healing, freedom and joy.

Thirdly my daughter, part of your relationship crisis is caused by wrong friends. Stay away from toxic friends who don't give you sound advice. Most of your friends have failed relationships and marriages, why then are pretending to be the experts in giving advices since they failed to successfully apply those advices in their own failed relationships? All negative minded friends with a toxic influence in your marriage need to removed from the VIP section of your life and ushered away to the outside veranda!

Finally my daughter, I would like you to be like a tennis ball, the harder it is hit, the higher it bounces back! Being knocked down is not being knocked out! Wipe off your tears, dust yourself up and get back into the ring. It's not over until God says it's over, and God will not say it's over until you have crossed over!

Pass my greetings to your mother.  I am looking forward to our response.

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