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Zimbabwe has great potential to prosper

31 Dec 2018 at 18:42hrs | Views
While Zimbabwe is endowed with breath-taking natural beauty of great potential to establish utopian tourist destinations; natural farming regions conducive for various sustainable agricultural activities; vast mineral wealth and an education system that ranks among the top in Africa; churning out professionals who are making names for themselves in various fields across the globe - we still are reeling under a myriad of operational challenges in our economy.

Why? Can we say destiny is playing a wicked sense of humour if some of us are leaving their motherland to other neighbouring economies, some of which are sustained by only one or two minerals as their major economic mainstays?

Intuitively, our conduct as a nation seems to be the most important link at this juncture to bring together our natural resources and intellectual capabilities so as to set the economy on the trajectory of recovery. In fact, our conduct is key to unlocking Zimbabwe's great economic potential.

The way in which our conduct impacts our economy is the wisdom I would like to share with you fellow readers.

First and foremost, our 2018 electoral processes has ended and the results have ushered us into the Second Republic with President Emmerson Mnangagwa being head of State and government.

If we are all patriotic, l believe it's time to put aside our differences and support the government of our time.

Formation of new governments, change of governments, appointment of new leaders and transformation policies are all part and parcel of a democratic society.

Let's pray for our leaders (1 Tim 2 vs1-2) as they embark on the struggle to transform our economy into a middle income status. In the same vein, let's check our conduct against hate politics as this has detrimental effect on our corporate image as a nation.

Secondly, corruption, a retrogressive spirit which has gone a long way in bringing down our economy in the First Republic, emanates from a dishonest heart with selfish desires. It is our collective responsibility that as a nation we exorcise this spirit from all levels of governance and see to it that perpetrators of this vice face the long and impartial arm of the law.I believe it's time for introspection - checking one's conscience or conduct and shunning all corrupt tendencies.

Thirdly, the clarion call by the president that "Zimbabwe is open for business and dialogue" bears fruits if we unite as a nation under a spirit of oneness and togetherness despite our differences in political affiliations and ideologies.

I strongly believe it's time to rediscover ourselves on the path of fostering consensus in our contending views, fine-tuning our conduct such that we maintain serene and peaceful deliberations every step of the way in developing our country.

Precedence has already been set by our fore-bearers in the historic Peace and Unity accord of 1987. It took two leaders who agreed to compromise in their differences and areas of conflict for the greater good of the whole nation. Had it not been that pact, our former coloniser and their allies might have rubbished the gains and significance of our independence.

As a people with such an epic journey together, let's jealously guard the unity we have among us. A huge task lies ahead - to build our country as a united people!

Lastly, but not least, fellow Zimbabweans - leadership is an art of substantively cultivating an environment which brings out the best in order to achieve the set goals in every sphere of influence.

Let's bear in mind that the atmosphere we create as political leaders in the society is in the full glare of the international community, the same community we want Zimbabwe engaged or re-engaged as an active player in various families of nations.

Let's cherish our integrity as a sovereign State and instil the right attitude in the people we lead so that they stay guided by our national values and ethos in order to poise ourselves as a nation ready for development.

If we rise up today and stand unshakeably resolute to develop our country, we can certainly create a Zimbabwe we are proud of and secure a prosperous future for ourselves and generations to come.

It's your choice, my choice and collectively our choice to make Zimbabwe great; keep in mind that God commands a blessing on a united nation.

Let's remain peaceful in all that we do, remembering that even if we have differences, respect for elders or one another are important.

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